Commented boat trip along the Côte Bleue

Spread over twenty kilometers, from Anse des Laurons (Martigues) to the tip of Corbière (Marseille),
the Blue Coast is a natural treasure. Thanks to its typically Mediterranean vegetation, its rich seabed
and its impressive limestone creeks, it has managed to preserve its wild character.
Between the smell of lavender, the song of cicadas, the taste of Provencal specialties,
the view of the picturesque landscapes and the feeling of fine sand slipping through your fingers,
the discovery of this maritime facade charms any passer-by.
The Côte Bleue can be visited in various ways: on foot along the hiking trails
(discover the ideas for walks on the coast of the Côte Bleue), by bike along the cycle paths,
greenways and roads, by train with its breathtaking panorama, or by boat.
This last means is an excellent choice to discover all the nooks and crannies of this little maritime paradise;
and you can live this experience with the Martigues Tourist Office thanks to its
boat tour of the Blue Coast ! Indeed, from Provençal Venice, embark on the Cisampo
and discover the famous Côte Bleue during an unusual commented walk.
This tour allows you to have an exceptional view of the covesports and villages of the Mediterranean coast. Open your eyes, but also your ears, as the history and secrets of this natural heritage will be told to you by the captain. Rich in natural and cultural heritage,
the list of Côte Bleue sites visible from the boat is long,
but here are some landscapes that the people on board have the chance to contemplate:

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After boarding the boat and leaving Martigues, one of the first key landscapes open to tour participants is Carro. With its friendly atmosphere and its small fishing port,
Carro is the perfect embodiment of the authentic Provencal village.

Every morning, the place has a bustling fish market, to the delight of locals and holidaymakers. This is a perfect opportunity to meet the fishermen, who exercise their passion in one of the last traditional fishing ports in the French Mediterranean.

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From the boat, the port is not the only visible place that catches the eye! Indeed, not far, the calm of
the small beach of Carro makes you want to put down your towel and enjoy the sea air.

A stone's throw away, stand the Baou Tailla stone quarries facing the sea, which bear witness to the large supply of stone to Marseille construction sites over the centuries. Carro has an exceptional heritage, and all this wealth parades before the eyes of passengers!
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After the port of Carro, they have the opportunity to see on their way the beach of Verdon located in the village of La Couronne (largest sandy beach of the Blue Coast) as well as the Cap Couronne whose lighthouse offers a beautiful view of Marseille and its islands.

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Afterwards, the magnificent cove of Sainte-Croix is revealed on the coast. Home to the beaches of La Saulce and Sainte-Croix (simply separated by a rock), this small bay is also crossed by the coastal path.

On the heights of Sainte-Croix beach stands a chapel bearing the same name.
It is an integral part of this setting synonymous with sun and holidays.

Concerning the beach of La Saulce, a good number of participants surely know it without even knowing it!
Indeed, the latter often appears on television since it became a filming location for the famous series Camping Paradis. For fans of the show, the Martigues Tourist Office offers guided tours of Camping de Paradis in July and August, with a little free time to come back with unique memories of the series!
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Sailing to a new destination - after Sainte-Croix - the people on the boat sailed past the beautiful towns of Sausset-les-Pins and Carry-le-Rouet, whose port, beach, lighthouse and hills leave no one indifferent .

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Here is a new stage of this guided walk: Ensuès-la-Redonne, a magnificent village which enjoys a rather wild environment. Indeed a large majority of this territory is covered with pines and scrubland; and only a few Provencal houses and businesses form this village.

Located in a basin below hills dotted with olive trees and vines - while facing the sea - Ensuès-la-Redonne is particularly appreciated for its succession of remarkable creeks. At the heart of this turquoise water, the small marina and fishing port recalls this typical beauty of the South of France ...
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  •  - © Otmartigues - XavierB
During the boat trip, participants will be able to choose their favorite cove since the captain will walk alongside them all! Madrague de Gignac, La Redonne, Les Figuières, Le Petit Méjean and Le Grand Méjean: here is the list of natural treasures offered by the charming village of Ensuès-la-Redonne.

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The boat trip ends in Niolon, a picturesque place with a breathtaking view of the harbor of Marseille.
The landscapes of this idyllic place are varied. On board the boat, you can see its Provencal cabins, its charming little port and its traditional houses.

Niolon is seen more as an inhabited calanque, rather than a village.
It is a true haven of peace where the blue of the sea mixes with the green of the hills and the white of the rock.
The "inhabited" part consists mainly of the UCPA diving center which occupies a former fort.
The rest is made up of a small number of inhabitants and traders emphasizing its wild and unspoiled character.

Finally, as for Ensuès-la-Redonne, Carry-le-Rouet, Sausset-les-Pins and La Couronne-Carro, the marine and coastal environments of Niolon are protected. Indeed, they are part of the Marine Park of the Blue Coast, a marine area managed by the association Parc Régional Marin, whose objectives are the sustainable management of fishing resources, the protection and enhancement of the Marine Park, and the awareness of the public to the preservation of this spectacular natural heritage.
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  •  - © Otmartigues - AstridF
After the beautiful calanque de Niolon, the captain will set sail to turn around.
In the distance, all the breathtaking landscapes of the outward journey will once again pass before the eyes of the participants.
The way back will give you a last look at this astonishing coastline.
We invite locals and vacationers to discover the Blue Coast from all angles,
and we promise you that its beauty will surprise and charm you every time!


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