Restaurant Fast Food
Snack / Fast Food / Churros / Glacier.Establishment located 500m from the beach of Saulce, terrace shaded by Pergola and Paillotte Ambiance ...
Located on the fishermen's wharf with breathtaking views of the Galiffet Canal.Provencal and traditional restaurant with a touch of modernity and ...
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Traditional restaurant nestled in the heart of the bird mirror with panoramic views of the canals.You will find a cuisine based on fresh and regional ...
Vietnamese and Chinese specialties. Take away food.
Pizzeria Snack Fast Food
Formula of pizzas and various dishes to take away.Total capacity of the establishment: 37 people- Indoor room: 5 people- Terrace: 15 people
Restaurant Snack Fast Food Caterer
Two different hot or cold soups each day.Salad to be composed, pies, dish of the day and various dessert,All this cook traditionally and dietary ...
Nestled in the heart of the island (the tourist area of ​​Martigues) The Galliffet is located on the beautiful Quai des Anglais where you can ...
A hidden treasure, nestled in the heart of la Couronne village.A kitchen to discover.Beneath the pine sun, it is also a hotel residence.