The 10 activities and visits to prioritize

All year round, the Martigues Tourist and Leisure Office offers activities and visits to live memorable experiences! Sharing with a local producer, boat trips on the canals or along the creeks of the Côte Bleue, walks in the heart of the Martegal nature and visits to prestigious monuments, you will love it!
Discover Martigues differently thanks to new visits. Seize the opportunity to participate in exceptional activities that you could not experience elsewhere. Meeting with a local, city tour by boat on the canals of La Venise Provençale, privileged access to a historic monument closed to the public… We have selected the unmissable events of the year for you!
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The Blue Coast by boat
Departing from Martigues, embark to discover the creeks of the Côte Bleue. Follow the Mediterranean coast to Ensuès-la-Redonne to discover the picturesque villages. From Carro to Niolon via La Couronne, Sausset-les-Pins and Carry-le-Rouet, be amazed. Large natural cliffs, coves and beaches, perched villages...
Welcome to the Blue Coast!

The Berre pond by boat
With its green hills and limestone rock, the shores of the Etang de Berre have an unsuspected charm. You can discover it during this unique boat trip! Departing from Martigues, head towards Miramas and Saint-Chamas to discover the fauna and flora that inhabit this protected natural area.
Berre pond boat trip
Tour of the sets of the Camping Paradis series
Have you ever watched an episode of the "Camping Paradis" series on TF1? Every summer, we give you the opportunity to access the filming location and discover behind the scenes of the series! The supermarket, the beach bar, the laundromat, the reception, ... it's all there! Many of you join this adventure every year. And you?

Shepherd for a day
We meet at the Fermette de la Croix d'Estrine in Saint-Julien-les-Martigues to live a unique experience! Spend the day with a goat herder and his herd, accompanying him to the nearby hills for the daily walk, and lunch in the wilderness at a farmer's picnic. There is no doubt that goats and kids will charm you with their simplicity. We have already adopted the big Arlette! ♥
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Boat trip on the canals of Martigues
Martigues, La Venise Provençale has so much to offer! Discover the unmissable places of our beautiful destination during this guided tour through the canals. Approach the monuments and tourist sites and learn all about their history. An original way to take part in a city tour.

Boat trip at sunset
After having walked the hiking trails, dared to dive into the Mediterranean waters, savored delicious grilled sardines for lunch, ... end the day in style! We invite you to admire the sky of a thousand colors during a boat trip on the canals at sunset. The reflections in the water, the colored facades, the subdued sunlight, ...a unique spectacle for your eyes!
Boat trip at sunset
Guided tour of Fort de Bouc
We'll meet you at the Fort de Bouc for a visit through the centuries. A guided tour to discover the history of this military vestige that was both a state prison, a place of defense and a lighthouse. Place des Armes, Tour de Bouc, Chemin de Ronde, ... tread the grounds of Fort de Bouc alongside Louis XI, Richelieu and Vauban. A visit rich in history of which you will keep a memorable memory.

Hike in the vineyard trails of Martigues
Accompanied by a winegrower from the cooperative cellar of Saint-Julien-les-Martigues, set off for a 4km walk in the heart of the vineyards of our territory. You will know all about the secrets of the harvest, the grape variety, the transformation of the fruit into the bottle. A visit for all wine lovers.
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Discover Martigues through a treasure hunt
As a family, opt for an afternoon under the sign of play and sharing! Equipped with your box and its unusual objects, help Mamie Louche to reconstruct the mystery sentence and to reconcile the three fishing brothers. A treasure hunt in the city center that will allow you to visit the cultural places of the city located on your way. At your own pace, stroll through the streets of Martigues for an unforgettable visit.

An odyssey in Provence
Put on your sneakers, bring your smartphone and shoulder your backpack... We're off on a great Odyssey in Provence! Discover the territory of Provence by walking the streets of Martigues, Istres, Salon-de-Provence and Miramas-le-Vieux for an adventure combining digital technology and old treasure maps.
My explore bag - An Odyssey in Provence
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