Culinary discovery

Is La Poutargue part of the last bastion of Provençal gastronomic traditions ?
This sea caviar , so dear to our region and to Martégaux, is a pure delight. There are a thousand ways to taste it.
Let yourself be convinced by this authentic and delicate dish.
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The thin strips are placed on a thick slice of toasted and warmly buttered bread . A drizzle of olive oil accompanies this refined specialty. It's hard to get any simpler and faster. The bread crunches to your teeth . The melting butter mixes with the iodized taste. This cocktail of flavors explodes in the mouth .

Advice from the Martigues Tourist Office

La Poutargue cannot be cooked, it is a bit like black truffles. You must either cut it into thin strips or slice it with a mandolin like cheese.
It generously accompanies al-dente for example, where it is generously sprinkled or also in small shavings on a simple fried egg with beautiful cherry tomatoes.

The accompaniment is done with, in moderation, a dry white wine preferably. But I leave it to you here to choose your favorite drink at aperitif or meal time.

  •  - © Otmartigues / SergeT
  •  - © Otmartigues / SergeT
The palate  succumbs to this concentrate of the Mediterranean . The softness of Bottarga brings unexpected comfort. The emotion one feels when tasting it  contrasts with its unusual shape.
Bottarga is wrapped in a light layer of natural beeswax, which makes it unattractive for amateurs. The blade of the knife  penetrates its heart  and reveals the sweetness of this authentic dish. Once cut, its consistency reveals  an unsuspected orange color . The wax of the product deceives the eye and leaves little to imagine its delicacy.

Good practice
Like a sausage, do not use a serrated knife.
It is better to have a good sharp knife to avoid chips.

The bewitching scent of salted mullet eggs subtly spreads. It invites indulgence. This sea caviar so dear to Martigues offers a unique taste to our taste buds.

The first bite is always a sensation. It leads to a blissful smile from the satisfied. The face lights up . Without giving ourselves a valid reason, we are surprised to see if there are any left on the plate. It becomes a cute sin like a child discovering chocolate.
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Because of its rarity, Bottarga is revolutionizing a simple aperitif into a gastronomic feast. Once consumed, we move on to something else but we always come back to it. A bit like a song that we leave behind but that we end up finding one day. Like truffles and foie gras, it has its place perfectly on a festive table.

To taste it is to love it.
  •  - © Otmartigues / SergeT
  •  - © Otmartigues / SergeT
And to complete the experience, we give you an appointment with the Jobastres of Martigues on video. Meet at Calen de Martigues, one of the last in France !


But by the way, where is this Bottarga found?

Le Calen de Martigues - Parking de La Halle de Martigues 13500 Martigues (depending on the catch of the day - go directly to the spot)
La Saveur des Calanques - Quai des Sardiniers 13110 Port-de-Bouc 

It is also possible to find Bottarga occasionally at retailers (non-exhaustive list)

Olympic Primeurs - 30 bis, boulevard du 14 juillet 13500 Martigues 
Le quai des Pirates - 17 quai Kléber 13500 Martigues 
Souvenirs des Martigues d'Hier et d'Aujourd'hui - 2, rue de la République 13500 Martigues 

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