Visit of the city center

Martigues was first the site of several Gallic oppida as evidenced by many vestiges (Saint-Pierre, L'Île, and further north SaintBlaise) but it was during the Gallo-Roman period that it is attested under the name of Maritima Avaticorum.

It is in 1581 that the city takes its current name with the act of union signed to put an end to the rivalries between Jonquières, L'Île and Ferrières, but also to face a context marked by the plague and the wars of religion. . The rise of Martigues in the 17th century is linked to the development of maritime activities (fishing, trading and shipbuilding) which allows its port to compete in tonnage with that of Marseille.

This economic heyday allowed the city to beautify itself with the proliferation of religious buildings, enlarged or rebuilt. The prosperous period ended with the economic decline of the city for the benefit of Marseille, the plague of 1720 decimated the population which reached its lowest level.

Despite the installation of a few welders using salt from the Bouc and Ferrières salt flats, it was not until the development of the canal from Arles to Marseille via the Etang de Berre (1919-1930) for the long-awaited development to take place. . At the same time, the population is increasing and the city has acquired many public facilities such as the Félix Ziem museum, the Louis Aragon media library, La Halle, the Salins theater ... Its reasoned town planning gives it a living environment that is popular with the inhabitants of the area. fourth city of Bouches-du-Rhône.
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The district of Ferrières

The Calen 
Large 90-meter net, stretched between the banks of Jonquières and Ferrières. This type of fishing aims to catch mullets, and particularly testus, a breed of fish highly prized for making bottarga.
The Hall, architect Diepietromaria and Lossi (1993) - Read more
Events, concerts, exhibitions.
Tourist office (2002) - Starting point of the Treasure Hunters box.
Hôtel de Ville, architect Delaugère (1983) 
Nearby: works by Jean Bazaine (1904-2001), Jacques Vimard (1942- /), Augustin Cardenas (1927-2001) and Raoul Ubac (1910-1993).
Galerie de l'Histoire (2008) - Read more
Theatre of the Salins (1995) - Read more
Behind the theater, Jean Prouvé school (1952).
Sébastien Langloÿs bronze sculpture / bench: the fisherman and the mender (2010) - Read more
Located next to the 3 "pointus" (boats)​.
Museum Félix Ziem (1908) - Read more
Works by the painter F. Ziem and archaeological and ethnological collections.
Fragments of remparts
Cinémathèque Gnidzaz (2010) - Read more
Rustic portal of the Chapel of the Blue Penitents
Nearby: the Maurel hotel (17th century).
Church Saint-Louis d'Anjou (XIVe century) - Read more
18th century treasures and paintings. Historical union of the 3 districts (1581).
Covered passage (XVIe century)

A little further ...
Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy
or Notre-Dame des Marins (17th century) - Read more
Nice point of view and orientation tables. To see also : the mill.
Tholon archaeological site - Read more
Sources, cisterns and wash house (15th - 20th centuries).
St-Joseph landscaped cemetery (19th century)
Bastide by Charles Maurras 
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The district of L'Ile

Fishing Prud'homie (1930) - Read more
Inside, a statue of Saint-Pierre, the patron saint of fishermen. Outside : sculpture by Baltasar Lobo.
Henri Fabre garage (seaplane)
Now the restaurant "La Villa Sorriso".
Archaeological showcase Read more
Reconstruction of Gallic huts on foundations dating from the 5th century BC. Near : Sculpture by Setzuko Nagasawa (1987) - Fountain.
Bernard Dejonghe fountain wall
Fresco by Guillaume Bottazzi - Read more
Fresco / Work on facade of 80m².
Tip of the Island (San Crist) - Read more
Walking area, dotted with water jets. Sculpture by Bernar Venet.
Louis Aragon municipal media library (1981 and 2006) - Read more
Nearby : sculpture by Jean Amado (1981).
Bronze sculptures by Sébastien Langloÿs : Bourvil and Fernandel - Read more
Enamelled concrete "La cuisine au beurre" with Bourvil and Fernandel, shot in Martigues in 1963.
House in a gendarme hat - Read more
Characteristic by the shape of its gable and its wrought iron balcony. Shot locations of the movie "La cuisine au beurre".
Facade with mullioned windows 
Madeleine Church (1670) - Read more
17th century Marseille baroque style. Beautiful organ from the 19th century. 
Private mansion "Colla de Pradines" - Read more
Built in the 17th century, it became the town hall between 1808 and 1983. Commemorative plaque affixed on the facade, in memory of Gérard Tenque, born in Martigues in 1040 and founder of the Order of the Knights of Malta.
Richaud monument by Felix Desruelles - Read more
Bust of Etienne Richaud, son and grandson of a fisherman, governor of Indochina in the 19th century.
Miroir aux Oiseaux - Read more
Body of water which has fascinated many painters: Corot, Delacroix, Dufy, Guigou, Loubon, Picabia, Ziem ... Listed site since October 28, 1942.
Mirabeau Square - Read more
Set of beautiful bourgeois houses. Former home of the Community. Fountain built on the 17th century. Small cicada to find on a corner of a house (ridge).
Count's Palace (12th - 13th century) 
Rare example of medieval civil architecture in Provence.
Henri Fabre stele - Read more
In memory of the inventor of the seaplane which made its first flight over the Etang de Berre on March 28, 1910.
Lifting bridge (1962) - Read more
It is a bridge opening in the middle, by an electric maneuver commanded from a bridge house. Its height allows the passage of boats of 5.8 meters of air draft.
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The district of Jonquières

     Saint Geniès church (1625) - Read more
     Chapel of the Annonciade des Pénitents blancs (17th century) - Read more
Listed as a historical monument since 1910.
     Opulent houses (19th century)
  Facades with mullioned windows 
     Course with corner pilasters  

A little further...

Lapidary garden - Read more
Aigalier room 
Old water tank from the 19th century, brick vaults
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