Ideas for walks on the coast of the Côte Bleue

In these difficult times, it's important to take some time for yourself, clear your head and get a change of heart. And honestly, what could be better than the sea air? It is for this reason that we want you to visit our wonderful heritage, and more particularly the Blue Coast!

Like Thibault, stroll along the Mediterranean Sea:

Martigues and its maritime border allow you to explore its sandy beaches and wild coves during hikes, each more unusual than the next.

If you have a few days ahead of you and you are passionate about hiking, you can cross 62 km of coastline thanks to its Great Blue Coast Trail, which takes 3 to 4 days of walking. The villages of Carro, La Couronne, Sausset-les-Pins, Carry-le-Rouet or even Niolon will offer themselves to you: take the time to stop there to discover their unique atmosphere. 
You can, for example, explore the port of Carro and its fish market which offers a wide choice of seafood and fish, sold directly by the fishermen on the return of the trawlers. In addition to the small picturesque villages, other landscapes will be revealed to you, such as creeks, hills, beaches or even cliffs, but we will not reveal everything to you, we must keep a little mystery!
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So, conquered? Will you have the courage to start and discover this hike? We hope !

And for those looking for more accessible hikes, we have ideas for you too. You should know that the Grand Sentier de la Côte Bleue actually consists of 17 inner loops, from 2 to 12 km long and with different elevations. These routes correspond to the route of the famous Côte Bleue train, allowing you to discover this walk on the coast from different angles. Each loop can start from a station so you can create your own route, getting on or off the train. The diversity of these loops makes it possible to address all types of audiences.

So, tell us which terms correspond to you the most,
and we'll tell you which hike is right for you!

You are quite :
Military heritage
  Panoramic view

The loop of military remains meets your expectations!
(Moderate level, blue level)

It is a real leap in time that awaits you with this hike. Indeed, during this 10 km loop, you will see many structures that belonged to the German army during the Second World War. Batteries, fire direction posts, bunkers, gun platforms, trenches, ammunition bunkers, barracks: follow in the footsteps of the past by walking on the heights of the Côte Bleue. These works were laid out more or less strategically by the navy (Kriegsmarine) and the German army (Heer); To you to discover them.

In addition to the military remains, you will have the opportunity to enjoy exceptional panoramic views of the hills and the Mediterranean Sea.
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You are quite :

The La Couronne stone quarry loop is for you!
(Moderate level, blue level)

Just like the loop of the military remains, we invite you to travel in time but this time with the loop of the stone quarries of La Couronne. These are 8 quarries that you can explore on the coast and in the villages of Carro and La Couronne. Each of them is unique, having been exploited for different reasons: the building of monuments of the Phocaean city, the creation of a stone bell tower for a church or the development of a port of embarkation.

During your walk, open your eyes wide because you will be able to see traces of tools left by the quarrymen. Each trace will allow you to understand mining strategies and define periods of activity. This hike is a real life-size history lesson... And we saved the best for last. Indeed, this walk reveals one of the best preserved coastal quarries: the Baou Tailla quarry !

All you have to do is put on your sneakers and discover the work provided by the quarrymen over the centuries with this 11 km hike in the heart of the Côte Bleue.

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You are quite :

The Grande Boucle du Cap Couronne is perfect for you!
(Moderate level, blue level)

This 24.5 km hike will appeal to the most curious: between geology, archeology and history, the Cap Couronne loop explores various horizons. Thanks to this circuit, you will have the opportunity to discover the natural and historical heritage of the Blue Coast. Its diversity makes it an excellent idea for hiking!

On the historical heritage side, you will come across important elements of the history of the village of La Couronne: its lighthouse built in 1959, its quarries, its chapel built in the 17th century, a ruin of the old 12th century chapel, or the port des Tamaris with its Gallic village dating from the 6th century BC.

And on the natural heritage side, you will also not be disappointed! Indeed, once you have passed the built heritage, it is a still wild coastal path that you can admire. Thanks to its beaches, its reedbeds, its pine forest, its aromatic plants, its flowers, and many more, this loop is home to an important flora and fauna environment, and is just waiting for you!

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You are quite :

The Boumandariel local loop is perfect for you!
(Very easy level, green level)

Head for the marine and terrestrial vegetation of the Blue Coast! Fauna and flora enthusiasts will be won over by the local loop of Boumandariel which reveals an extraordinary natural environment.

The only wetland on the Côte Bleue, the reed bed (an ecosystem dominated mainly by reeds) is a rich and wild site. It is true that it has a large number of species of Mediterranean plants and trees, and is a very attractive site for birds. With the main role of animal protection and water purification, the reedbed is considered a key habitat for biodiversity. And who knows, maybe in the heart of this varied vegetation you will have the chance to meet a family of northern shoveler ducks splashing in the water?

However, this is not the only highlight of this 5.5 km loop. The diversity of the landscapes that you will have the chance to encounter makes this walk exceptional: between creeks, port, Gallic village and chapel, the local loop of Boumandariel is of abundant natural and heritage richness !

All that remains is to let yourself be guided by the landscapes and colors of this hike!

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You are quite :

The botanical loop of the Carro plain is waiting for you!
(Easy level, suitable for beginners)

Did you know that the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region is one of the richest regions in metropolitan France in terms of biodiversity?

To learn more about this floristic originality, while having fun, we suggest you explore the botanical loop of the Carro plain. During this 4 km route, suitable for a family audience, you will be able to discover this natural treasure of the Côte Bleue.

Pay attention, a variety of vegetation will be available to you: rosemary, thyme, lavender, olive trees, orchids, Aleppo pines, irises and many others! A flora of all sizes, colors and scents; we are sure that the little ones, like the biggest ones, will find their happiness there!

For the curious: this plant landscape is complemented by 8 species of protected vascular flora. These are all the plants that have roots and vessels allowing the circulation of the sap. Vascular flora can be found everywhere, all over the world, regardless of ecological conditions; and we invite you to discover a tiny part of it through the botanical loop of the Carro plain!

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With all these hiking ideas,
we hope we have helped you find the shoe that suits you!

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