Less than an hour's drive from Martigues is the beautiful city of Arles, also called the "Little Rome of Gaul".
This simple nickname symbolizes the ancient glory of this town on the UNESCO World Heritage List
for its Roman and Roman monuments.

Few cities can boast of having nine buildings on this same renowned list.
The best known is the Amphitheater dating from the 1st century: more commonly called "the Arenas of Arles",
due to the many bullfighting shows which are regularly organized. Besides this monument, we also find
on the UNESCO list: the Ancient Theater, the Baths of Constantine, the Ramparts,
the Cryptoportiques, the Alyscamps, the Church of Saint-Trophime, the Cloître Saint-Trophime and the Tour des Mourgues

Thus, a stroll through the alleys of Arles is full of surprises!
Indeed, at the corner of a street, visitors discover modern buildings such as the famous Vincent van Gogh foundation,
while a few meters further on, they come face to face with the impressive Amphitheater. In this way, Arles knew how to put
in light of the attachment to its heritage
and the desire for renewal and modernity.

    However, the city does not only enjoy its ancient fame ... Indeed, Arles is also a City of Art!
The diversity of its museums, exhibitions and galleries is a delight for all visitors,
and especially fans of Van Gogh's works. Indeed, the painter will find his inspiration in the Arles landscapes where,
for over a year, he produced major works of art from the end of the 19th century. A very nice walk in the footsteps of Van Gogh
is also offered by the Arles Tourist Office, during which each stage represents a place that inspired the Dutch artist.

Other activities and events such as walks in the heart of the flowery streets, bike rides on the banks of the Rhône
and on the cycle routes, discover the famous photography festival or stroll through the summer gardens,
also make the city an unmissable experience!

By train, bus or car from Martigues, discover Arles
who, thanks to his heritage, has managed to escape time.