Les Restaurants

Pizzeria in the village of La Couronne.
Les bokits en folie offers Caribbean specialties from starter to dessert. The snack bar is located in downtown Jonquières. It is possible to opt to ...
Traditional cooking
Provencal cuisine, pizzeria and ice cream.
Traditional cooking
Discover the chicken with maroilles cheese, chicory with gratin, Flemish carbonnade, Picardy strings, welsh, American fillet ...
Traditional cuisine brasserie offering simple and quick daily menus for lunch.
Fast food Beach Restaurant
The straw hut offers you another way of conceiving the burger, the burger by Fabien Morreale. With the experience and know-how of the Chef, the ...
Foreign specialities
CHIBA SUSHI invites you to share moments of joy and pleasure. A real treat for the palate and for the eyes, our know-how puts every selection of fresh...
Traditional cooking
Traditional restaurant and shellfish shop. Fish, meat.
Karaoke animation on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays.
Traditional cooking
Located just 100 meters from the beach, the restaurant Les Ombrelles enjoys an idyllic setting. The breathtaking view of the Mediterranean, the song ...