The 10 monuments to visit

There is so much to discover in Martigues! A week, a weekend or a few hours, do not miss the essential to see. With its different atmospheres, each place has a story to tell.
Lovers of cultural places, history galleries and museums will whet your curiosity. From monuments to tourist sites, you will love discovering the bronze statues that adorn our squares, crossing the various bridges from one district to another and strolling along the paths laid out in the town centre.
Ziem Museum
With the effigy of the painter Ziem (but not only!), the Ziem museum offers temporary exhibitions combining paintings, drawings and exhibits. Its top floor offers a permanent exhibition of remains recovered during archaeological excavations in the area. Water and sky are dominant landscapes in the paintings on display, thus making a little more reference to Martigues and its reflections.

The Chapel of the Annunciade
A jewel of Provençal baroque art! Classified as historical monuments since 1910, the chapel of the Annonciade tells the story of the brotherhood of white penitents. Discover colorful murals that relate the life of the Virgin and carved stalls.
  •  - © Otmartigues / MyriamF
  •  - © Otmartigues / MyriamF
The Bird Mirror
Its colorful facades, its reflections in the water, its fishing boats, .... This body of water offers all its charm to Martigues. In the past, the reflection of the birds perched on the roofs of the houses reflected in the water. Attracted by many painters (Dufy, Ziem, etc.) and by today's artists, the Miroir aux Oiseaux is the place to be in Martigues.
Martigues lift bridge
The liners and boats cross Martigues by its canal to reach the Mediterranean Sea from the Etang de Berre (and vice versa). Every day, priority is given to maritime traffic at the expense of road and pedestrian traffic for several minutes. It is well known, in the South of France, we know how to take the time! ☼
  •  - © Otmartigues / KarimK
The statue of the fisherman and the mender
Martigues, a true fishing town, is proud of its past and its traditions. The statue of the fisherman and the mender (net mender) has become a must during a successful visit to Martigues. You will love the details of this sculpture by Sébastien Langloys.

The statue of Bourvil and Fernandel
Did you know that the film "La cuisine au beurre" with actors Bourvil and Fernandel was shot in Martigues? A tribute is paid to them on the quay of the Ile district opposite the "House in a policeman's hat" which once served as the film set. Signed by the same artist, sculpted chairs are at your disposal for a memorable photo with these great artists of French cinema!
  •  - © Otmartigues / Gxuereb
The History Gallery
This is the place to be before starting your visit to Martigues! Through many archives, discover the city of Martigues before to better understand the one you are going to see today. Through the ages and through written documents, models and interactive screens, discover the evolution of Martigues from a new perspective.
San Crist Point
The tip of the island - shaped like the prow of a boat - is the ideal place to indulge in relaxation and strolling. Its fountains, its flowerpots and the unique work of Bernar Venet which composes it make it a place adored by the Martegals! We are sure it will be the same for you.
  •  - © Otmartigues / KarimK
  •  - © Otmartigues / KarimK
The Greenery Theater
A real open-air theater at the water's edge. Concerts, shows and workshops take place there in the summer season to everyone's delight! With its vegetation, its fountains and its seats, the Théâtre de Verdure is very pleasant for a well-deserved break. Make a stop there during your walks in Martigues.
Great Park of Figuerolles
More than 130ha of greenery is available to you! Walks in the heart of the park and on the banks of the Etang de Berre, visit of the educational farm, course in the trees and zip line descents, pony rides and picnic in the grass will be the key words for a successful day. at the Grand Parc in Figuerolles. This is the place to be for all nature lovers.