Less than 40 km from Martigues is Salon-de-Provence, one of the oldest towns in the South region.
Having preserved an exceptional historical heritage, it is easy to travel through time
walking through the alleys with the Provençal scents of Salon

The first inescapable element of the city is not a place, but a person; it is indeed about
Michel de Nostredame, known as Nostradamus. The city bears the name of this 16th century doctor, known for
his practice of astrology and his prophecies
. Today, more than 450 years after his death,
her house can be visited to learn more about her life and work.

It is one of the most visited museums in Salon-de-Provence with the Chateau de l'Emperi which presents
one of the first collections of French military history in the world. This monument (and its museum) cannot be missed;
located in the heart of town, the castle is a symbol of military architecture from the 13th to the 16th century.
Thanks to the diversity of sites, galleries, exhibitions, mansions and monuments in Salon, let yourself be transported
discovering the history of beautiful Provença
has never been so easy!

    While in Salon, on every street corner, there is certainly a fountain
or a statue, not far from these will stand an olive tree. This simple word evokes the Provencal territory
with its Mediterranean, its sun and its cicadas ... And in Salon, who says olive says oil, and who says oil says Marseille soap!

After the Phocaean city, the city of Nostradamus is the second largest producer of the famous soap. On a day in the city,
it is possible to visit soap factories which, from generation to generation, perpetuate local know-how
thanks to ancestral methods. This is an essential visit to Salon-de-Provence!
You should also not miss its various parks and gardens where walking and relaxation are essential.
In terms of hiking, the city has a beautiful route called the "Pastoral Path" - among many others -
which shows the vestiges of pastoral life of yesteryear, as well as the Mediterranean flora.

Just 50 minutes by car from Martigues, let yourself be seduced by the gentle
atmosphere of Salon-de-Provence
and its must-see places.