Take the hiking trails from Salon-de-Provence

From fountain to fountain, in the footsteps of soap makers or in the footsteps of pastoralism, enjoy thematic tours in Salon-de-Provence! A way to combine walking and discovery of heritage over short distances (between 1 and 5 kilometers).
The trail "In the footsteps of the soap makers" allows you to admire these residences, whose grandeur is underlined by a rich and dense vegetation, in...
  • Route :
    • Distance (km) : 3.3
    • Daily duration (minutes) : 60
Easy hike (1h20) in the footsteps of pastoralism in Provence: sheep breeding in the Crau, the transhumance of the herds.
  • Route :
    • Distance (km) : 5
    • Daily duration (minutes) : 80
Section A14 of the GR2013. From Salon-de-Provence to Pélissanne. A 6,7km route to discover the chain of the Côtes.
  • Route :
    • Distance (km) : 6.7
The trail "Au clair des fontaines" (In the light of the fountains) takes you from fountain to fountain, between the city center and the pedestrian ...
  • Route :
    • Distance (km) : 1.5
    • Daily duration (minutes) : 40