Stroll through the alleys of Salon-de-Provence

Historic site and monument
Perched on the rock of the Puech, the Empéri dominates the living room. This castle was from the ninth to the eighteenth s, residence of the ...
Historic site and monument
Built at the foot of the castle around the beginning of the 13th century, in the heart of the city's activity, the Saint-Michel church opens onto a ...
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    • Church
Cultural Theater
Park and garden
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    • Garden
    • Botanical garden
Historic site and monument
Since 1900, four generations of the Marius Fabre family have been making artisanal soap, savon de Marseille, in the heart of Salon-de-Provence.
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Craft soap factory
Historic site and monument
This gate of the medieval enclosure shows the importance of the ramparts until the 17th century.
Historic site and monument
On August 9, 1919, the Municipal Council of Salon launched a subscription for the construction of a monument to the dead and voted a sum of 10,000 ...
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    • Memorial
Terrace, Court, shaded park.Rental of rooms for seminars and weddings restoration only ensured by the Ramachandran.
Historic site and monument
The commercial boom of the 1880s led to the emergence of a new bourgeoisie whose wealth marked the architectural physiognomy of the city.
The history of the Savonnerie RAMPAL LATOUR began in 1828 with Mr. Pierre RAMPAL, master SOAP maker.
Just a few minutes away from Salon, but away from the city.