10 reasons to visit Martigues

Are you still hesitating about the destination of your next vacation? We have made a summary of the most beautiful experiences to live in Martigues!
Find the TOP 10 tourist sites to visit, sandy beaches to bask in and events not to be missed in Martigues. There is no doubt that you will be charmed by the breathtaking landscapes of the Côte Bleue, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and by the picturesque and colorful houses of the town center of Martigues.
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1) A romantic dinner in the Venice-like atmosphere of the Miroir aux Oiseaux in the Ile district - a favourite location for painters since the end of the 19th century.

2) At nightfall, watch the sun go down over the open sea from Chapelle de Ste Croix. To the west, the view of the Côte Bleue stretches as far as the lighthouse in La Couronne, the promontory, and to the east the natural harbour of Marseille with its islands.

3) Visit Fort de Bouc –  a listed historical monument since 1930 - accessible by sea only. The fortified lighthouse with pink limestone walls stands proudly at the mouth of the Canal de Caronte.

4) Take the Côte Bleue walking trail, 62-km long with 17 local themed circular walks. Linking 5 communes: Martigues, Sausset les Pins, Carry le Rouet, Ensuès la Redonne and Le Rove with a view over the open sea, this natural coastal walk passes from sheer cliffs, through small villages to rocky inlets.

5) Walk along the cliff on the Corniche de Baou Tailla overlooking the sea for a spectacular view of the sunlight playing with pink limestone crags on the Mediterranean blue backdrop. Look out for traces of the lives of quarrymen in these quarries where shelly limestone was extracted to build Marseille monuments.
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6) Take time out to laze on a beautiful sandy beach or in a sheltered cove gazing at hues of blue under a cloudless sky.

7) Watch amazing fireworks synchronised to music reflected in the Étang de Berre at the Soirée Vénitienne. Enjoy the show orchestrated by world renowned specialists with your family on the comfortable lawns of the Jardin de la Rode.

8) Dance to Latin rhythm on Tuesdays, or rock and other tunes on Thursdays on the banks of Canal St Sébastien. Or admire the fancy footwork of Argentine tango enthusiasts at the Saturday Milongas in the magical setting of the Miroir aux Oiseaux.

9) Have a drink on the terrace of an open-air café under the shade of mulberry plane trees on the beach in Ferrières overlooking Étang de Berre.

 10) Follow the canals through Martigues, otherwise known as Provençal Venice...admire the rocky inlets along the Côte Bleue...discover the fascinating Étang de Berre with diverse landscapes.
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