Bay of La Ciotat

  • Baie de La Ciotat
  • Mugel : île verte, bec de l'aigle
  • Baie de La Ciotat depuis la plage
Baie de La CiotatMugel : île verte, bec de l'aigleBaie de La Ciotat depuis la plage


-The Bay of La Ciotat extends from the Pointe de l'Aigle (the rocky peak overlooking the sea) to Saint Cyr sur Mer. This bay includes the green island off the coast of La Ciotat and many sandy or rocky beaches.
The Bay of La Ciotat, also called the Gulf of Love, offers magical landscapes in the heart of the Calanques National Park. It is home to the Soubeyranes cliffs, among the most imposing in Europe, the Cap Canaille, the Beak of the Eagle, the ochre creeks of Figuerolles and Mugel, or the Green Island, all sites that justify its title of most beautiful bay in the world, received in 2019!
Opening period (s)All year round.
Bay of La Ciotat
La Ciotat


Baie de La Ciotat
La Ciotat
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.171978
Longitude : 5.650298
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