La Ciotat

Accessible in an hour's drive from Martigues, La Ciotat is an incredible seaside resort that offers
an unforgettable tourist experience. For a few hours or a day,
this destination juggles between cultural activities and natural landscapes that will delight every visitor.

    Being the gateway to the Calanques National Park, the city has an exceptional list of treasures
natural: calanque and park of Mugel, calanque of Figuerolles, green island, route des Crètes ...
A diversity of landscapes turning from the turquoise blue of the sea,
to the light green of the needles of the Aleppo pines, passing through the reddish tones of the pebbles. In order to appreciate these unique sites,
La Ciotat enjoys many hikes between sea and hills that will make you happy
everyone ... An excellent way to reconnect with nature, while enjoying breathtaking panoramas!

For those who are looking for a moment of relaxation, it is possible to take advantage of the parks and public gardens
: a good idea for discovering the Provençal vegetation while resting in the shade of the trees!
For an even more lazy day, the beaches of La Ciotat remain an essential solution
to enjoy the water and the sun in the summer.

And to appreciate the beauty of the place in a different way, vacationers can also count on aquatic activities.
from this seaside resort: kayaking, diving or sailing, with its ports and nautical clubs, anything is possible.
In addition to these water sports, it is possible to navigate peacefully with the currents during a boat trip
discovering the creeks ... Impossible to resist this crystal clear water!

Leaving the coast to get lost on foot or by bike in the streets of the city, this is the richness of Ciotadan history
which will be revealed to passers-by. The town is known to be the place of origin of a revolutionary invention
and an important national sport: cinema and pétanque. Indeed, this is where the engineer Louis Lumière
shot the first films in history, but it is also here that the first balls with "feet clamped to the ground"
were drawn. It is a real leap in time, discovering inventions and traditions born
on Provencal soil
. The cultural life of La Ciotat can also be explored through its cinemas,
its galleries, its theater and its conservatory.

So, less than 80 km from Martigues, it is an unusual experience,
in the heart of majestic vegetation
, which is waiting for you!