Marseille is a must stop while in the South of France.
Just 35 minutes from Martigues, the oldest city in France has a large number of unmissable and unusual places,
whose names are known to all: Vieux-Port, Notre Dame de la Garde, Calanques National Park and many others!

Named Massalia by Greek sailors and merchants from Phocée, the port city has
has undergone spectacular changes over the centuries, thanks to which it now enjoys exceptional historical richness.

Indeed, with its 2,600 years of existence, the list of Marseille sites and monuments is long.
Each of them is a symbol of the past, present and future of Marseille. So, visit Marseille, walk its colorful streets,
to taste its culinary specialties, discover its heritage or explore its natural and protected environment, is to allow yourself to travel through time.

Art lovers will also find what they are looking for in this great city where tradition blends with modernity. 2013, the year
Marseille was European Capital of Culture, was a turning point for the city and its notoriety. New sites, for all tastes and all audiences,
were born. Thus, Marseille asserted its place on the world cultural scene and highlighted its strong cosmopolitan identity.

The number of activities in this second largest city in France is endless. That is why,
sometimes it is easier to let yourself be guided ! To discover the details of this city which is full of wonderful, amazing and picturesque places,
Marseille offers a large number of commented and guided tours, on land or at sea.
It would be a shame to miss out on the secrets of this metropolis, whose charm and authenticity cannot be overlooked.

By car, bus or train, Marseille is easily accessible from Martigues.
For an hour, a morning or even a day, the Phocaean city is always a good idea!