Only 50 minutes by car from Martigues is Aubagne,
a city rich in cultural places, craft traditions and natural heritage.

Known for being the land of Marcel Pagnol, Aubagne offers unique experiences linked to the writer
French, who was born in this commune of Bouches-du-Rhône in 1895. Discover the city by visiting the landscapes
that inspired Pagnol
and the places that marked his childhood is an essential stopover during a visit
in Aubagne. Thus, it is possible to visit his birthplace or the unusual museum "Le Petit Monde de Marcel Pagnol"
where 200 santons pay homage to his creations. For people wishing to follow in the author's footsteps,
the city offers many guided tours that will take each participant on a journey into the past and the works of Pagnol.
The heights and colors of these hills represent the writer’s fondest childhood memories,
and they are the ones who inspired his finest creations. This is why the discovery
of these varied places
is a magnificent visit between imagination and reality ...

To fully appreciate the natural surroundings of Aubagne, there are many outdoor activities ! Explore by bike
from the Piedmont of Garlaban or the circuit of the villages, astride the small paths of the massif and on foot crisscrossing
the various hiking trails in the heart of the massifs (in connection or not with Marcel Pagnol), or by assisting
in the transhumance, a friendly and bucolic spectacle. Other more unusual sports can also
be practiced in the Aubagne and Etoile region: climbing, ax throwing, pétanque, tree climbing,
go-karting or a ride with a donkey to appreciate the landscapes of this exceptional territory.

Aubagne is also a land of traditions, one of the most remarkable of which is the work of clay. This practice can be
discovery thanks to the various events and activities put in place: biennial of santon art, santon market,
workshops of ceramists and santonniers or even exhibitions around clay ... It is not surprising that the santon
Aubagnais proudly stands on the stands of French Christmas markets !

    60km from Provençal Venice, the town of Aubagne where Pagnol was "born [...] under the Garlaban
crowned with goats, in the days of the last goatherds
”(La Gloire de Mon Père, Marcel.P),
its Provencal charm and its traditions will please every visitor !

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