Beautiful walks & tourist routes in the heart of Aubagne country

A primary forest, unique and magical, a massif that reigns supreme over the surrounding valleys, an impressive peak culminating at 1041 m, the ...
This 86km drive between land and sea allows us to discover very contrasting landscapes. From the heights of the Sainte-Baume to the valleys of ...
  • Route :
    • Distance (km) : 86
Sport Cycling sports Cycle tourism route
A 22 km cycling route between Aubagne and Roquevaire, under the famous Garlaban plateau and its rock.
  • Route :
    • Distance (km) : 22
    • Daily duration (minutes) : 150
Section B09 of the GR2013. From Aubagne to Gémenos. A 8,6km route to discover the plains of Aubagne, at the foot of the Garlaban and the Sainte-Baume...
  • Route :
    • Distance (km) : 8.6