Les Alpilles

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The Alpilles massif is located in the northwest of the department, in line with the Rhone corridor.
The Alpilles mountains are located in the north-west of the department, in line with the Rhone corridor.
The Alpilles form a marked, raised chain, oriented east-west. The main chain is distinguished from the Chambremont chain, which although it is not directly adjoined, has similar characteristics to those of the main chain.
The mountains are located in the climatic area of the Lower Rhone and the orientation of their relief is particularly exposed to the mistral wind, which blows fiercely on its northern face. The rainfall is between 600 and 700 mm / year and the average temperatures are between 12.5 and 14.5°C according to the slope.
The Alpilles mountains are located at the interface of small natural regions of the Alpilles and the Crau plain, defined by the IFN. It is characterised by a low level of afforestation with its predominant species the Aleppo pine and the green oak.
The Alpilles mountains are located entirely within the Regional Natural Park of the same name, created on February 1, 2007. Its territory is characterised by recognised scenic qualities that benefit from the first Directive Landscape of France since January 2007. There are also over a hundred rare or protected species, many of which have the status of international protection, such as the Bonelli's Eagle or the Great Horned Owl.
Finally, more than 60 classified monuments are identified, and almost as many listed in the inventory of historical monuments.
Urbanisation on the outskirts of the mountains and even in it is relatively widespread, particularly marked by the expansion of suburban industrial zones and the urban social pressure of demand on growing woodland. Its many entry points facilitate significant visitation of the mountains, in particular tourism characterised by a high proportion of people staying only a short time in the mountains (about one to two hours). These visitors are essentially there for family-type activities (picnics, hiking) or sport (hiking, jogging, mountain biking).
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Les Alpilles


Les Alpilles
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Latitude : 43.746297
Longitude : 4.887543
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