Le safran de l'Escalette

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The red gold also grows on the Côte Bleue, in Saint-Julien-Les Martigues and Sausset Les Pins.
The saffron farm, run by Christel Sicardi and Farid Hamerouche, produces this flagship spice of gastronomy.
Its iodized taste is prized by starred chefs.
The family farm is organic and certified "Ecocert".
Most of the work is done by hand: planting, weeding, picking, pruning, drying, packaging, sorting etc...
The production method is totally respectful of nature and the environment, which allows Christel and Farid to offer you exclusively natural products.

The couple of saffron growers harvest, produce and market.
Le safran de l'Escalette, also produces saffron honey, saffron flavoured olive oil, saffron rum and saffron chocolate.
You can find their products at the wine cooperative "La Venise provençale" in Saint-Julien-Les Martigues.
On the markets in the summer period:
- La Couronne market, Wednesday and Saturday morning.
- Martigues producers' market, Tuesday from 4pm to 7pm.

How does saffron grow?
The hermaphrodite flower is composed of 3 stamens loaded with pollen and a pistil dividing into 3 bright red stigmas.

How is saffron produced ?
- The plantation is done from July to September, the flowering takes place in autumn.
- At the beginning of October, the flowers appear and the 3 red filaments of the pistil are extracted from the flower, this is the pruning stage.
- Drying the filaments takes about 15 minutes.
- It takes about 150 flowers to obtain 1 gram of dry saffron. It takes 150,000 flowers to make one kilo and nearly five kilos fresh to make one kilo dried.
Opening period (s)All year round, daily.
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Le safran de l'Escalette
Chemin des Blancs
Saint-Julien-Les Martigues
Phone : +33 4 42 09 10 63
Mob : +33 6 74 87 13 09
  • Spoken language(s) :
    • French


Free access. - Jars of saffron 0,20 gr of pure pistils: 10€ / 0,50 gr of pure pistils: 23€.
- Olive oil flavoured with saffron 0,20cl : 16€.
- Acacia honey with saffron 125 gr : 13€.
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    • Bank/credit card
    • Cash


Le safran de l'Escalette
Chemin des Blancs
Saint-Julien-Les Martigues
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.369595
Longitude : 5.091753