Gate of Augustus

Historic site and monument
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Sometimes called Porte de la Redoute
Date: End of the first century BC
Era: Antiquity
Type: Fortified military architecture
Status: Property of the Town of Arles, listed as a national Historic Monument in 1886 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981
The Porte d'Auguste, also called the Porte de la Redoute after the fortressed built there in the Middle Ages, was the main entrance to the Roman town.
Located at the highest point in the town, to the east, it was on a diversion of the Via Aurelia from Rome.
It is the best preserved part of the Augustan ramparts, built just after the founding of the Roman colony.
The gate's current high position does not correspond to its original height, but to the digging of the Boulevard Emile-Combes at the end of the 18th century.
The aqueduct which brought water from the Alpilles arrived close to the gate's northern tower.
On the split caused by the digging of the boulevard, it is still possible to see limestone deposits on the wall.
The building underwent major redevelopment work in late Antiquity and the Middle Ages.
The door, framed by two solid rectangular pillar, covers a vast half-moon shaped area of approximately 100 metres in the eastern part of the rampart.
At each end, a semi-circular tour provided a connection with the curtain wall (part of the enclosure between two fortifications.
The gate itself was 35 metres wide. Unlike the enclosure, it was built of large blocks of stone with butt joints.
The two semi-circular towers which surround it, also made of large blocks, have a relatively simple moulding at the base, which can also be found at the top, although in very damaged condition.
The space between the two towers made it possible to create two 15-metre wide passageways; these were probably not big enough for pedestrians to pass through, as was the case with the larger Porte d'Auguste in Nîmes.
The gate was bricked up in the Middle Ages and only a small postern can be seen today.
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Gate of Augustus
Boulevard Emile Combes
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Porte d'Auguste
Boulevard Emile Combes
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