A day at the Grand Parc de Figuerolles

The Grand Parc de Figuerolles is a haven of peace where parents and children mingle to enjoy a day in the great outdoors.

Thanks to its free access, this large natural space in the heart of Martigues offers a breath of fresh air. Picnic on the grass, balloon parties, visit to the educational farm, walks in the Mediterranean garden or along the Berre pond, zip line descent and tree climbing course,... So many activities to try out that we have selected for you!
  •  - © Otmartigues / ChristelleR

The routes of the Grand Parc

The Grand Parc de Figuerolles offers a section dedicated to walks and hikes. 5 routes, one of which is suitable for strollers from 3km. The more adventurous can enjoy a beautiful 7 km walk around the park and along the Etang de Berre. Vary your desires and enjoy the landscapes available to you.

The educational farm

The Grand Parc educational farm in Figuerolles is a real Noah's Ark. Ewes, sheep, pigs, rabbits, geese... will be looking for cuddles. Young and old will be charmed by these farm animals in search of tenderness. The farm teaches children about nature and domestic animals in the region.
The educational farm

Mediterranean gardens

The Grand Parc de Figuerolles is very appreciable for its greenery. Among the flowers and the trees, make communion with nature. Discover the plants classified by heat resistance and learn the history of these 300 protected plant species.

Rural heritage

The Grand Parc de Figuerolles is also recognized for its past. At various places in the park, it is easy to recognize hydraulic constructions and agricultural buildings. Go for a walk through the park and discover its history with an unsuspected eye.
  •  - © Otmartigues / MyriamF
  •  - © Otmartigues

The carousel

After all these adventures at the Grand Parc de Figuerolles, take a well-deserved break. We meet for a snack at the confectionery snack bar (pancakes, waffles, cotton candy and sweets will delight young and old). The opportunity to end this memorable day with a ride on the carousel of yesteryear.

The tree climbing course

Be brave and climb among the trees thanks to the 5 courses available! Take to the skies, take up the challenges that arise on the course and let yourself slide through the many zip lines available. The +: A single price for 5 courses and unlimited time spent in the trees !
The tree climbing course of the park

The equestrian space

Along the paths, you will certainly come across ponies and horses in their paddocks. Share memorable moments with one of them and go on a pony ride with the family. A nice moment of sharing in the heart of the pine forest of the Grand Parc de Figuerolles.

MTB area

Free to access, the mountain bike area will delight young and old lovers of two wheels. The bravest will enjoy beautiful BMX descents. If you prefer long walks in the shade of the pines, the park team has also planned everything !
  •  - © Otmartigues / MyriamF
  •  - © Otmartigues / MyriamF

The footpath of the restanques

Over more than 130 ha, the Grand Parc de Figuerolles has been conquered by scrubland, pine forests and oak groves. Discover these protected plants located on the edge of the Etang de Berre and with great aesthetic values. The opportunity to enjoy this exceptional landscape and be amazed !

The Figuerolles loop

Would you like a stroll around the Grand Parc de Figuerolles? This marked nature trail combines natural landscapes, park activities and agricultural heritage. This is the best option to discover all the secrets of the park in one afternoon !

The park snack

For large and small appetites, the park snack bar offers sandwiches, salads and takeaway meals. Pancakes and hot drinks are also available for the greediest. Ideal for cooling off after long walks !