Arc de Triomphe

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The Triumphal Arch of the door of Aix " L'Arc de Triomphe de la Porte d'Aix" was realized by the architect Penchaud. Started in 1823, it was not inaugurated until 1839. The decoration was entrusted to David d'Angers and Jules Ramsey.
Eight figures of military virtues, now destroyed, dominated this ensemble. Started under Charles X, it was only finished under Louis-Philippe.
The decoration of the monument was affected by the change from the flag to the tricolour flag. And, afterwards, the successive regimes changed the dedication of the pediment.

Composed of the single arch and an attic supported by four corinthian columns, it has a harmony inspired by the arches of antiquity. But it would have benefited, no doubt, from being placed in the heart of the city, on a beautiful road, and not on this square which already has a suburban aspect. Its height and width are the same : 17m68. The arcade measures 6m13 of opening and 10m40 of height.
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    • 19th C
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Arc de Triomphe
19 Place Jules Guesde


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Arc de Triomphe
19 Place Jules Guesde
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