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Cadéraou & Figuerolles
The hills of Cadéraou and Figuerolles comprise a 1,050-acre forest located adjacent to Saint Mitre-les-Remparts and offer visitors picturesque walks along the lanes and footpaths overlooking Etang de Berre lake, far from the lake's industrial section. Don't forget to wear good walking shoes and take along plenty of water when heading out on the 3-4 hour walk that leads you to a little, isolated beach, piled with shells. The decor is simply magical and bird watchers will be enchanted to come across song thrushes, Eurasian jays, chaffinches, warblers, doves and short-toed eagles hiding away in the midst of the dense vegetation of juniper trees, lavender, rosemary, cistus, aleppo pines, kermes oaks, evergreen oaks, tamarisks and maples. The views from the signposted footpaths are simply stunning. This wonderful walk is a great opportunity to discover one of the lesser-known parts of the region.
  • Classification LPN :
    • Envie de balade
  • Gestion de l'espace naturel :
    • Conservatory of Coastal Area & Lakeside Shore's Estate
Cadérou et Figuerolles
Cadérou et Figuerolles
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.453854
Longitude : 5.031481