Cadéraou et Figuerolles

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The hills of Cadéraou and Figuerolles are a forest area of 426 hectares, located towards Saint Miter. It constitutes a pleasant walk made of paths and paths which dominate the pond of Berre, far from its industrial part.
Bring walking shoes and water and go for a 3 or 4 hour walk that will take you to a small secluded beach made up of mounds of shells.
The decor is magical, you will come across the local fauna: song thrush, oak jay, wood chaffinch, pichou warbler, the turtledove and the circaetus Jean-le-blanc who hide in the middle of a rich and dense flora: junipers , lavender, rosemary, cistus, Aleppo pines, kermes oaks, holm oaks, tamarisks and Montpellier maples.

The trails are signposted and the views over the Etang de Berre dazzling. This walk takes you to discover a little-known corner of the department.

Natural space management:
Domain of the Conservatory of Coastal Space and Lake Shores
Opening period (s)All year round.
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Cadéraou et Figuerolles
Phone : 04 42 49 18 93


Cadéraou et Figuerolles
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.453854
Longitude : 5.031481