Martigues, unsuspected territory

Treat yourself to a 5 day / 4 night stay during an Odyssey in Provence in the heart of the territories of Martigues, Istres, Miramas and Salon-de-Provence. A tailor-made trip to discover our territory in the South of France. Visit the emblematic places of our destination and learn all the secrets in search of clues and challenges to overcome. The conducting wire ? My Explore Bag.

A stay under the sign of responsible and ecological tourism to discover an unsuspected territory.
Martigues, territoire insoupçonné - My Explore Bag

Martigues, the Venice of Provence

Start your trip in the Martegal hinterland, in Saint-Julien-les-Martigues in the heart of fields and country roads. Meet our local producers including Bernard, goat breeder at the Fermette de la Croix d'Estrine. Then discover the heart of the city via a phygital adventure equipped with a smartphone and a backpack in search of clues and challenges to overcome.

Your program

○ Day 01 ○
Arrival at the end of the afternoon in Martigues.
Take the opportunity to discover the heart of the city of Martigues and its must-see places.

Evening meal - Free.
→ Our advice for dinner : Enjoy tasty dishes at one of the three straw huts located on the beach of Ferrières (town center) from May to October.

Night - La Bastide des Joncas in La Couronne (Martigues).
A complex of 1.5 hectares of pine forest 5 minutes walk from the fine sandy beaches. La Bastide des Joncas has one of the largest solar hot water installations in the region for this type of accommodation.
○ Day 02 ○
Morning - Meeting at the farm (2h30).
Meet at the Croix d'Estrine farmhouse in the heart of the plain of Saint-Julien-les-Martigues. A surprising meeting with Bernard, a goat and cheese farmer and his herd.

The farmhouse welcomes farm animals in freedom (goats, goats, roosters, hens, donkey,...) and the owners live in self-sufficiency. Participate in the morning milking, visit the cheese dairy (from goat's milk to mature cheese via the Rove bush (AOP), discover and taste the different stages of goat cheese making), access the vegetable garden,... At the end of the visit, indulge yourself in the farm shop: cheeses, fruit or elderflower yogurts, milk, brousses, egg creams, goat rillettes, jams,... you won't need it. not more to have the desire to taste it.

Find Bernard on the farmers' markets on Saturday mornings in Saint-Julien-les-Martigues and on Tuesdays at the end of the afternoon on Place Jean Jaurès (Ferrières - from April to October).

Lunch - Lunch at Miam Local.
A grocery store that sells fresh and local products, in collaboration with small producers, in order to preserve the economic dynamism of the region. The Miam Local has a restaurant area "La cantine" and serves meals made exclusively from organic fruit and vegetables every day.

Afternoon - Take the My Explore Bag challenge (2h).
Go on an adventure with your smartphone and your backpack to live a phygital adventure. The driving link? The water ! Discover three emblematic places in Martigues and take up the challenges set out for you by your digital guide.

◘ Departure towards Istres ◘

Evening meal - Free.
→ Our advice for dinner : La guinguette du Pointu from June to September. The place is located 20 minutes walk from the hotel "Le Castellan" on part of the GR2013.
Installed on the beach of La Romaniquette, savor a cuisine based on seafood (cuttlefish on the board, shellfish, swordfish...).

Night - Hotel "Le Castellan" in Istres.
A charming hotel located on the banks of the Olivier pond and at the center of all the essential activities in Istres. Enjoy a locavore breakfast with products from local producers. In season, the swimming pool is open for a relaxation break.
Istres, territoire insoupçonné - My Explore Bag

Take to the skies in Istres

Continue your adventure as an explorer in the historic center of Istres and on the banks of the Olivier pond. Take advantage of an exceptional panorama by climbing on the Saint-Etienne hill, you will be amazed! End your stay in Istres with a meeting with the Lambert family, producers of olive oil.

○ Day 03 ○
Morning - Continue your My Explore Bag adventure (2h).
Always accompanied by your smartphone and your digital companion, discover the historic center of Istres and its medieval world. Contemporary art, Mediterranean garden, encounter with dinosaurs...

Lunch - Free
→ Our advice for lunch: On the go or at a table in a restaurant, go to the Allées Provençales. Easily accessible from your hotel, eat local specialties under the plane trees in the city center.

Afternoon - Viewpoint walk and tasting (2h).
Departing from the hotel, head towards the Saint-Étienne hill to enjoy the most beautiful panorama of the city. You will be charmed by the view which extends over the Etang de Berre, the Sainte-Victoire, the Mediterranean Sea... A 360°C vision of Provence. Then go to meet the Lambert family, producers of olive oil. Discover all the oil-making secrets and end the day with a tasting.

◘ Departure towards Miramas ◘

Evening meal - Domaine de Lunar.
A meal offered at the table of hosts of the Domaine, located in a massif of pines, oaks and scrubland. This environment favors a micro-climate conducive to the cultivation of vines. The Domaine de Lunar produces a range of blended wines and pure grape varieties. Alexandra will offer local cuisine (starter, main course, dessert, Domaine wine).

Night - Domaine de Lunar.
One night in a bed and breakfast in an 18th century Provençal bastide. In summer, breakfast is served on one of the two large terraces that surround the house. In winter, it is served in a kitchen warmly lit by a fireplace.
Miramas, territoire insoupçonné - My Explore Bag

Miramas, authentic Provence

Continue your Odyssey in Provence to discover the medieval heritage of Miramas-le-Vieux. Remains of a castle, Notre-Dame gate or Aleppo pine classified as a remarkable tree .... enjoy a walk at your own pace before reaching the former royal powder factory. You will observe an exceptional biological diversity on 118 hectares of nature.

○ Day 04 ○
Morning - Continue your My Explore Bag adventure (2h).
Continue your Odyssey in Provence to discover the picturesque village of Miramas-le-Vieux. A medieval heritage made up of remains of the castle, the Notre-Dame-de-Beauvezet church, the 12th century chapel of Saint-Julien, the Aleppo pine classified as a remarkable tree and enjoy a view of the wild coast of the Etang de Berre. You will be amazed by this authentic and intimate Provence.

Lunch - Free meal.
→ Our advice for lunch: Enjoy a gourmet break in one of the establishments of the old village (famous ice cream parlors). On Thursday morning, take advantage of the weekly market in the town centre.

Afternoon - Immersion in the park of the former royal gunpowder factory (2h30).
The powder factory was created in 1690, in a protected area on the edge of the Etang de Berre. It was dedicated to the production of gunpowder. Unoccupied for thirty years, the sites were recolonized spontaneously by a set of natural environments of remarkable biological diversity, now offering 118 hectares of natural spaces.

◘ Departure towards Salon-de-Provence ◘

Evening meal - Free.
→ Our advice for dinner : Savor delicious dishes from Alexandre Lechêne, starred chef at the gastronomic restaurant "Villa Salone". Continue your evening in one of the city's trendy wine bars: "Chez Mustache" or "Jusqu'à la Lie".

Overnight - Grand Hotel de la Poste.
Former 19th century post house nestled opposite the Moussue fountain. The Grand Hôtel de la Poste is a period building which offers an exceptional location, opposite the clock tower, one of the gateways to the historic city with its lively little streets and medieval gates.
Salon-de-Provence, territoire insoupçonné - My Explore Bag

Salon-de-Provence, city of Marseille soap

Become an accomplished explorer by completing your My Explore Bag quest in the heart of the historic center of Salon-de-Provence. Continue your visit to the city with an exchange with soap makers whose know-how is ancestral. Extend the moment with a visit to the Château de l'Empéri and its museum, one of the oldest fortified castles in Provence.

○ Day 05 ○
Morning - Complete the My Explore Bag challenge.
In the heart of Salon-de-Provence, take a fresh look at its heritage. Explore the city center in search of clues between strolls and cultural visits. Will you be able to meet the challenge in its entirety?

Lunch - Free

Afternoon - Tour of the two soap factories.
Visit the Marius Fabre soap factory with more than 120 years of history. The soap factory makes real Marseille soaps and black soap with olive oil according to ancestral methods. The manufacturing workshops can be visited free of charge, as is the Marseille soap museum located in the heart of the soap factory.
Continue with a visit to the Rempal Latour soap factory. Established in 1907 in Salon-de-Provence, enter a century-old factory. Since 1828, Rampal Latour has had the know-how of making real Marseille soap in accordance with traditional and authentic Marseille processes.
The Odyssey in Provence is an experience suitable for all seasons. It is made up of exchanges, sharing and encounters. An unsuspected heritage to discover in a sensitive and benevolent approach.

This stay is available for booking via Ahimsa Voyages.