Ste Luce commandery

Historic site and monument Military Patrimony Abbot's residence (Commanderie)
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The Commandery of Sainte-Luce presents a set of buildings of high architectural quality. It combines the characteristics of a Provencal House from the end of the middle ages.
The history of the building is very marked by religious history. Firstly it houses the Templars, and then, after the dramatic episode of their removal, of the order of Malta.The portal of the building, completely restored, has retained flamboyant late fifteenth-century décor. The building itself is organized around a courtyard with a well. The west facade was pierced by windows mullions, topped by an important decoration of mouldings. The angle of this façade and the North facade, there is a hexagonal tower with a spiral staircase.Arcaded loggias allow traffic on the ground floor and the floors.The façade North, built in 1587, has favorable Renaissance characteristic décor. Windows mullioned originally, but modified in the eighteenth century, are framed by fluted pilasters quite antiquisants.The building belonged first to the Knights of the Temple (or Templars), military and religious order founded in 1119, fought and removed at the beginning of the 14th century. He became follows the property of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, or order of Malta, installed in the sixteenth century in the nearby Grand Priory. Four bodies from the building, one probably dates from the 13th century, two are from the 15th century, and another has been redesigned in the sixteenth.The building was restored in the 1980s.
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Ste Luce commandery
Rue Du Grand Prieuré
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Commanderie Ste Luce
Rue Du Grand Prieuré
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