Hôtel des Monnaies

Historic site and monument
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Tarascon enjoyed many privileges under the reign of the Counts of Provence.
In August 1272, an Act of Charles I of Anjou, the uncle of King René, authorised the founding of a Maison de la Monnaie (Mint), thus allowing Tarascon to mint money in the same way as Tours. Coins were minted here from 1387 to 1520. During this time, a real coin and a fake coin were nailed to the door, in order to inform the population and discourage forgers. The mint ceased operation between 1518 and 1526 and between 1543 and 1591, as its activity was contested by the Provence Parliament. From 1591 to 1593, under the reign of Henri IV, it minted 'pinatelles' (double sols).
Architectural description:
Two types of architecture are visible, Gothic and Renaissance (small, late-Gothic windows at the very top). A spiral staircase leads to the corbelled turrets which housed the study. This building has the oldest sundial in town; it is possible to see the remains of a Latin inscription which means, 'They all wound, the last one kills'. It is referring to hours, of course.
Opening period (s)From 01/01 to 31/12, daily.
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Hôtel des Monnaies
Rue Des Halles
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Hôtel des Monnaies
Rue Des Halles
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