Discovery coffee at the Annonciade chapel

Cultural Bel été martégal Conference Historic
Place : Chapelle de l'Annonciade
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Ville de Martigues
Phone : +33 4 42 88 79 04
Chapelle de l'Annonciade
Boulevard Richaud
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Convivial moments of meeting around a tea or a coffee, the discovery cafes are an invitation to discover singular points of view on the city of Martigues and its heritage, from the chapel of the Annonciade.
- Thursday 13 April at 9.30 am: Master craftsmen and artists at the Annonciade, a century of decoration.
A "discovery coffee" to discuss those who built, painted, sculpted and worked at the Annonciade. It will be a question of their work and their work as well as their status which has evolved since the 17th century...
By Hervé Carrasco, Art, History and Archaeology Department.

- Thursday 8 June at 9:30 am: The brotherhoods of penitents.
The chapel was built in the 17th century for the brotherhood of white penitents.
This community of laymen practised mutual aid, prayer, charity and solidarity with the poorest. They were dressed in a very simple robe intended to conceal the social differences of civil clothing.
The Penitents also wore a bonnet, which showed a concern for individual modesty and anonymity so as not to take glory from their charitable actions and to erase their own person before the virtues of the group, so that the person assisted would only thank God for the help they received.
Opening period (s)Thursday 13 April 2023 between 9.30 am and 11 am.


Free of charge.


Boulevard Richaud
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.403477
Longitude : 5.05448
Marseille Provence: Airport / Aerodrome at 20km
Martigues Lavéra station: Railway station at 4km
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