Door of the cavalry

Historic site and monument
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Date: 1588
Era: Renaissance
Type: Fortified military architecture
Status: Property of the Town of Arles, listed as a national Historic Monument in 1928.
The two round towers of the Porte de la Cavalerie stand at the northern entrance to the old town centre.
Its name recalls the settlement of the Knights of the Temple in this district in the Middle Ages.
In the 13th century, after the founding of new districts such as Bourg-Neuf (current La Cavalerie district), the town's perimeter, which remained almost unchanged until until the 19th century, was completely surrounded by ramparts.
Beyond the gate were fields and pasture land, now occupied by the Place Lamartine and the station district (19th century) and later by the districts to the north of the agglomeration.
The building was rebuilt in the 16th century and completed in the 18th century, but was partially destroyed during the Revolution and then again in 1877.
The gate on a plan from 1743
All that remains of the building today are two round bossage towers and north and east fragments of the surrounding walls; the gate itself has been demolished.
It was constructed with large stones from the towers of the Porte de Laure and had a drawbridge, which straddled the Roubine du Roy (drainage canal intended to dry the marshes).
This canal ran in the open along the rampart before gushing into the Rhône, and was rediscovered in 1901.
In the 18th century, a half-moon shaped defence (semi-circular space placed in front of the structure) was added to the gate.
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Door of the cavalry
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Porte de la Cavalerie
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