Chapel of charity

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Date: 1634, 1702
Period: Classical period
Type: Religious architecture
Status: Private property chapel classified Historical monument (1927)
The Carmelites have been present in Arles for several centuries. However, the vicissitudes of history have driven them away on several occasions, and the congregation has experienced no less than three successive settlements. Today established in the Mouleyrès district, the Carmelites settled at the beginning of the seventeenth century, near the current esplanade of the Lices.

The construction of their convent is part of a context of strong architectural development of the city, on the initiative of the nobility, the bourgeoisie, but also the clergy.

Apart from the remarkable presence of the Chapelle de la Charité, on the Boulevard des Lices, the rest of their buildings, now refurbished as a hotel, is hardly visible. The conventual buildings and the cloister, although transformed into a hotel complex, were respected. The architect Bentz, who chose the Provençal style, chose the colonnade visible from the outside, inspired by that of the municipal casino in Aix-en-Provence, to design the building.

The chapel on the Boulevard des Lices was also preserved. Its facade consists of two double columns with Corinthian capitals that frame the porch. The whole is surmounted by a large triangular pediment, itself enhanced by a curvilinear tympanum (hammered at the Revolution), where one can notice a heart pierced by an arrow, in the middle of a cloud where angelots appear.

Apart from the communion table, transported in the choir of the church of Saint-Trophime, the chapel still retains an important part of its original furniture. One can admire the wooden pulpit made by the Avignonnais sculptor Péru, also author of the Baroque altarpiece of the high altar.
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Chapel of charity
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Chapelle de la Charité
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