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Formerly called Langlois bridge
Period : XIXth century
Type: Public architecture : civil engineering
Status : Property of the Arles Tourist Office Classified as a historical monument (1988)
Named formerly bridge of Langlois time: 19th century Type: public Architecture: engineering status: property of the Tourist Office of the Arles class Monument historic (1988) the name of the staff member responsible to keep it and manipulate it, the 'bridge of Langlois' has acquired world fame through performances that made Van Gogh at the end of the 19th century. The bridge can be seen at a few kilometres south of the city centre, on the Arles to Bouc canal, isn't yet one painted by the artist. It is not more to its original location. The advances in technology, the evolution of urban planning and the vagaries of war made that we see today that an identical copy, once installed in Fos. However, the will of the painter, as well to restore an ancient technique, yielded to relocate the work in its functional integrity, and in a landscaped setting near that seen by Van Gogh. The book is a mobile bridge-type drawbridge: it means that the apron is pivoting on one end, connected by chains to one or two pieces in rocking, the arrows. The Langlois bridge is symmetrical and two decks of 4 metres in length allow a range of eight meters. This is the width of the channel, net of the abutments, part masonry which sets the book on the edge of the banks. The two aprons, ties, provide a width of four meters for the movement. The fixed parts on which the arrows rotate are assembled into a kind of porch of some five metres in height. Arrows, they measure 8.30 m. the major part of the book is wooden, except the abutments, lifting chains and metal parts mounting and Assembly.
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Bridge Van Gogh
Canal d'Arles à Bouc
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Pont Van Gogh
Canal d'Arles à Bouc
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