Visits and activities for the month of May

In May, the Tourist Office offers you experiences to live in Martigues! Make the most of sunny days, the great outdoors and new activities to explore, learn and explore. Take advantage of the canals of "La Venise Provençale" thanks to our boat trips, to conquer Fort-de-Bouc during a guided tour, to learn all about the oenology of our territory during a stroll in the vineyard trails. Exclusively, share an afternoon with an ice cream maker during a workshop, chat with a bull breeder during a bus excursion, go for a walk in the hills with a goat breeder and his herd, discover the pond de Berre in slow tourism during an accompanied kayak outing.
Live a unique experience in the heart of the Croix d'Estrine farm. Spend the day with a cheese goat breeder to talk about his job and his passion for ...

Wednesday 29 May 2024

10:00 to 14:30