The beautiful city of Cassis and its must-see places are just an hour's drive from Martigues,
Provencal Venice. So, for a few hours or a day, live the cassidaine experience to the full !

Cassis has an indisputable natural treasure on its land: the Calanques National Park. This is the first
park of Europe, which is at the same time peri-urban, terrestrial and marine. It extends over the municipalities of Marseille, La Ciotat
and of course, Cassis. At the pace of each one - professional hiker or amateur of walk - it is possible
to discover three magnificent creeks in the name of Port-Miou, Port-Pin and En-Vau. The last of the three is the most famous,
but also the most spectacular !

Cap Canaille, from the Route des Crètes, is also a site not to be missed
on a day in the city. This highest sea cliff on the continent which is on the way to La Ciotat
offers a breathtaking panoramic view. A hike in the creeks is an unmissable activity
during a day in Cassis: between the richness of the flora and fauna, the size and shape of the cliffs, the nuances
of blue sea and the song of the cicadas, the hearts of visitors will be quickly won. These grandiose landscapes
can also be observed from the sea ... Indeed, boat trips, kayak trips
or even diving baptisms are offered, allowing to discover
the land from a different perspective, but just as splendid!

However, you don't have to go to the heights of the city or to go offshore to discover some lovely corners.
Indeed, very beautiful beaches are located in the heart of Cassis, just like coves at its ends. One way to enjoy
the beauty of the place, while sunbathing or easily exploring the turquoise depths.
In addition, Cassis offers a wide variety of activities to suit all tastes: little train and tree climbing
for the youngest; beauty institutes and spa for those who need a vacation; museums and vineyards
for visitors wishing to learn more about Cassidian and Provençal traditions; casino and nightclub
for people who want to enjoy long summer nights.

70 km from Martigues, succumb to this colorful haven of peace
and warm, as well as its natural heritage known around the world!