Rocher Mistral - Château de la Barben

  • Rocher Mistral - La Révolte des Cascaveu
  • Rocher Mistral - La fééries des jardins Le Nôtre
  • Rocher Mistral - A double tranchant
  • Rocher Mistral - Château de la Barben
  • Rocher Mistral - Le secret de maître Cornille
  • Rocher Mistral - Forbin, le chevalier de la Royale
  • Rocher Mistral - Auberge Daudet
Rocher Mistral - La Révolte des CascaveuRocher Mistral - La fééries des jardins Le NôtreRocher Mistral - A double tranchantRocher Mistral - Château de la BarbenRocher Mistral - Le secret de maître CornilleRocher Mistral - Forbin, le chevalier de la RoyaleRocher Mistral - Auberge Daudet


The Rocher Mistral park is a unique leisure park in Provence!
Stunts, comedy, dance, fights, sound and light... There are more than 10 shows played during the day or in the evening that will delight the adventurous soul that lies dormant in you!
Live the great adventure in the heart of the Château de la Barben and discover the history of our dear Provence.

Treat yourself to a journey through time and let yourself be carried away by these heroes who have kept the Château de La Barben alive through the centuries.
Immerse yourself in the heart of the Middle Ages during a battle between knights, walk the corridors of the castle during the Revolution, sail across the oceans alongside Forbin, officer of the Royal Navy of Louis XIV.
Let yourself be told the story of the monks builders, fly over the emblematic places of Provence on the back of an eagle, dream in front of the nocturnal shows in the gardens of the castle.

Total immersion for the whole family!

We loved it :
A double-edged sword: Back from the crusade, Robert de Pontevès, lord of the Château de La Barben must reconquer his lands and deliver his beauty from the clutches of Guy de Terrefroide and his lawless men. With the help of his companions, Robert will try everything to settle their account with these impostors.
Forbin, Chevalier de la Royale: Claude de Forbin, privateer to the king, traveled all the seas of the globe in the name of Louis XIV. Commander of galleys, condemned for a duel, appointed general of an Asian king, he shone with his panache and his battles until his last breath.
The revolt of the Cascavèu: 1630, a peasant revolt causes the fire of the castle of La Barben. Cardinal de Richelieu wants to take control of the taxes of Provence. The local population does not see it with the same eye. The anger of the people will cause the hasty flight of the nobles from the castle.
The quest of the builders: A journey of a thousand colors and a thousand shapes that transports you to the year 1000 among the monks of Saint Victor Abbey in Marseille.
The breath of Provence: On the back of the Aigle de Bonelli, fly over the most majestic sites of Provence. A journey suspended above a nature marked by lavender, olive trees, the salt ponds of the Camargue and the remarkable reliefs of the south of France.
The magic of the Le Nôtre gardens: An enchanting universe where the walls of the fortress come to life thanks to technology, dancers, stuntmen and actors who give all of their art to make you experience a suspended moment.
Napoleon: The Eagle and the Muse: NEW 2023! Impressive sound and light that immerses you in the Napoleonic epic. From the battlefields to the intimacy of the Emperor, it is his favorite sister, Pauline, who knows the Château de La Barben well for having experienced a forbidden love there with Auguste de Forbin, who will take your hand and will take you to discover the incredible life of his brother.
Practical information
  • Schedule :
    • Check the timetables on the park website
  • Date(s) :
    • At 30 March 2024
    • To 3 November 2024
    • Autonomously, whenever you want
  • By reservation :
    • Yes
  • Supervised visit :
    • No
  • Prices :
    • Adult price : 17.85 €
    • Child price : 14.03 €
  • Important to know :
    • Pets aren't allowed
  • Disabled :
    • Visite non accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite


Conditions of saleBenefit from a preferential rate thanks to a promo code made available by the Martigues Tourist Office!
Take advantage of a reduction on each ticket purchased.

Dated day ticket → 22.10€ per adult (instead of €26) / 16.58€ child (instead of €19.50)
Dated evening ticket → €17.85 per adult (instead of €21) / €14.03 per child (instead of €16.50)
Dated combined day + evening ticket → €32.30 per adult (instead of €38) / €24.65 per child (instead of €29)
* Children from 6 to 12 years old

How it works ?
1/ Make a reservation at 0€ on
2/ You receive an order confirmation by email including the promo code (immediate dispatch).
3/ Connect to the Rocher Mistral website.
4/ Select the type and number of dated tickets (day, evening, combined) as well as the day of your visit.
5/ Enter the promo code in the box provided for this purpose then validate.
6/ Make the payment online.
7/ Receive your tickets by email (direct access to the park).

To know :
Dated tickets (day, night, combined): From March 30 to November 3, 2024.
1 promo code request per group (not nominative). Any minor must be under the responsibility of an adult.
Receive your promo code by e-mail, buy your ticket online and access the park directly.

Our advices :
Consult the calendar of park opening days before choosing your day and/or evening ticket.
Park open from April to November from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. (11 p.m. on night shows).
Consult the program and the map of the park before your visit.
The Rocher Mistral park is subject to the conditions of access to the massifs from June 1 to September 30. Accessibility to the area is defined the day before from 6 p.m. on the prefectural site.

The Rocher Mistral park is located Château de La Barben between Aix-en-Provence and Salon-de-Provence, 47.8km from Martigues
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Château de la Barben
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Latitude : 43.62404
Longitude : 5.20477