Game of the Bouillabaisse

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Bouillabaisse game in storeIntroducing the Bouillabaisse GameGame board, for the whole familyBouillabaisse game - Back of the box
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…The game that puts some sunshine in your plate!!!

A fun and educational game where players must collect the ingredients necessary to prepare this Provençal specialty par excellence... invented by Alban Dechaumet. Therefore, thanks to both amusing and cultural rule, this game enables to not target one specific age group only, but to entertain all generations all at once.
The game of the Bouillabaisse is not a strategy game, as there are so many... It is for all players who want to spend a moment with their family... Laugh, share and have fun by rediscovering the values of Marseille traditions (from 2 to 6 players).

Travel through the emblematic places of Marseille... from La Canebière to Frioul or from La Bonne-Mère to the Calanques... but be careful not to fall on the Baumettes square!
By choosing your character, you will also choose his shed, located in one of the ports of the Phocaean city. Dine, Olive, Cafoutche, Uncle Eustache, Miette and Anselme are from the novel "Calanques..." by Alban Dechaumet also published by Editions de l'Hippocampe.

Share, during one game, the most famous of the Mediterranean recipes.

So, who will be the first to fill his plate?

Size: 26 x 26 x 6.5 cm