The greenway from Carro to Laurons

- Departure/Arrival
- Point of interest
Circuit n° 1
Circuit n° 2
Itinerary information
  • Length :
    • Between 0 and 3 km


A relaxing path along the coast Situated on the coastline between Carro and Les Laurons, this 1.5km trail is 3 m wide, ideal for cyclists, walkers, pushchairs (with wide wheels), wheelchairs and other devices for people with reduced mobility (motorised vehicles are prohibited).

Educational signs about the fauna and flora, with a botanical circuit, have been installed along the secured trail.
Visiting conditions: Between 1 June and 30 September: access to the forest is regulated by local authorities for your safety and for the preservation of the site.  Before heading out, call: 0811 20 13 13 (France only). Information about the opening hours of the site you wish to visit is available: open all day/open only in the morning/completely closed. The degree of forest fire warning (orange-red-black), determined by weather conditions, is published the day before at 6pm at the latest.
Practical information
  • Location :
    • By the seaside
  • Type of itinerary :
    • On foot
    • By bike
  • Duration of the walking route :
    • Less than 1 hour
  • Duration of the bike route :
    • Less than 1 hour
  • Length :
    • Length 1.5km
  • Level :
    • All levels
Port de Carro


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