Spring / Summer visits

From April until September, enjoy unusual experiences to live in Martigues. Go meet a goat breeder and accompany him on an outing with his herd, taste fresh and seasonal products from the farm, have lunch in the grass during a country picnic. Swim with the protected fish of the marine reserve of the Parc Marin de la Côte Bleue. Martigues M water.

Give free rein to your imagination between myths and legends during a storytelling tour of the city center of Martigues, let your artistic soul express itself during a sketched stroll through the unmissable places of our destination, project yourself alongside of Tom and the Camping Paradis team during a visit to the filming locations. Go back in time with Louis XI, King of France during an exceptional visit to Fort-de-Bouc. Martigues M stories.

Give yourself a moment of well-being on the Mediterranean coast during a walk combining vestiges of the past and biodiversity. Learn more about the view of the Mediterranean fauna and flora during a hike on the Côte Bleue coastal path. Venture into the heart of the vineyards of the cooperative cellar of Saint-Julien-les-Martigues for a discovery of the grape varieties and the oenological history of our territory. Awaken your senses on the shores of the Etang de Berre to discover the richness of this unsuspected lagoon. From fountains to washhouses and wells to aqueducts, (re)discover the vestiges of the past that have long enlivened the city center of Martigues. Martigues M hiking.

Let yourself be carried away on the canals of "La Venise Provençale" during a boat trip commented by the captain, a native of Martigues. A nice way to discover the city differently. Embark on adventures along the creeks of the Côte Bleue during a boat trip to Niolon and discover the typical seaside villages. The Etang de Berre also offers exceptional landscapes from Martigues to Saint-Chamas / Miramas with a largely inhabited coastline. And if you have the irresistible desire to dive into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, we open the doors of the marine area of ​​the Marine Park to you for a privileged moment with protected species. Martigues M water.