Plage des Combattants

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Plage des Combattants
"Plage des Combattants" in Port de Bouc is a tiny pebble beach overlooking the Gulf of Fos. In recent years, huge efforts have been made by the local authorities and inhabitants to make Port de Bouc a clean, safe and agreeable site for a family outing.
The beach bears the "Tourism & Handicap" label and is fitted out with handicapped parking spots, special toilets, a conveyor belt to take disabled visitors down to the beach and a special "Tiralo" amphibious chair operated by the lifeguards.
  • Comfort(s) and service(s) :
    • Maintained beach
    • Toilets
    • Shower
  • Type of parking :
    • Public parking
  • Accessible to disabled visitors :
    • YES
Plage des Combattants
Plage des Combattants
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.4257
Longitude : 4.96901