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Park and garden
The Grand Parc de Figuerolles - Paul Lombard is a wooded estate on the northern outskirts of the city on the shores of Europe's largest lagoon: Etang ...
Julien Olive Park is open to everyone. It offers walks in the heart of green nature. The tour of the park is about 1.6 km. It consists of sports ...
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The oldest public garden in Martigues borders the recently landscaped beach.
Park and garden
Created on land won on the pond of Berre, it offers a privileged view on the pond, the Sainte Victoire, the rocks of Jaï and the forest of ...
Park and garden
2 hectares built in 2 storm basins and decorated with 300 trees and shrubs (Montpellier maples, acacia, willows, poplars, pines, plane trees).