Mineral expo, international trade show (minerals, fossils, meteorites, jewelry, precious stones)

Fair and trade show Fair and trade show

From Saturday 14 to Sunday 15 March 2020

Saturday, Sunday

10:00 to 18:00

Place : La Halle de Martigues Rond-point De l'hôtel de ville 13500Martigues
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    Fifty exhibitors on 2000 square metres will offer small and large fossils, raw minerals or worked in lamps and decorative objects, jewelry, fine stones, precious or ornamental...

    A free lottery to win minerals, fossils, dinosaur teeth... or a diamond. One draw every hour.This is the 5th edition in 2020.

    Origin of exhibitors: France, Pakistan, Morocco, Spain, Madagascar, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, etc...New: Win a diamond in the lottery!

    Each child from the schools around Martigues will receive a two-day pass and a fossil shark tooth collar.Fossils dating back 500 million years with exceptional pieces (giant ammonites, dinosaur bones, reptiles, etc.). Crystals from all over the world, infinitely colored minerals, shells, jewelry, fascinating gems and rare gems ...
    Access for 2 days, at a rate of 5 euros. Free under 8, accompanied.
    Practical information
    • Location :
      • In the town centre
    Facilities, services, amenities
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      • Public parking


    GPS coordinates
    Latitude : 43.405891
    Longitude : 5.047673
    Institut du Monde Minéral
    10 Boulevard De la République
    La Ciotat
    Phone : +33 6 20 96 57 73
    La Halle de Martigues Rond-point De l'hôtel de ville 13500Martigues