Martigues’ Vineyard Trails - Grape varieties trail

- Departure/Arrival
- Point of interest
Circuit n° 1
Itinerary information
  • Length :
    • Between 4 and 7 km
  • Elevation :
    • Elevation 55m


Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Berre pond, at the confines of the Nerthe massif, is located the Venise Provençale’s terroir.
The vineyard stretches on almost 494 acres, mainly Located in the geological collapsing sump of Saint Pierre, in Saint Julien. A few plots of land are still cultivated on the municipalities of Châteauneuf-Les-Martigues, Saint
Mitre les Remparts and Sausset les Pins. The majority of the plots are benefitting from the PDO Coteaux (hillside) d’Aix-en-Provence, with a
small part in PGI Méditerranée (Mediterranean).

1 – From Saint Julien’s winery, take the D 5 road on your left (road to Sausset).
2 – After 0.3 miles, at the traffic light, turn right in the Chemin des Jardins. Stay on the right. Go to the Chemin des Jourdans. At the street lamp, turn left between the vineyards and up to the houses. Turn right, follow the trail overhanging the vineyards up to an ancient farmhouse. Round the construction by walking on the left (threshing yard).
3 – Go down the trail on the right. Reach the Chemin des Audiberts.
4 – Take right on the Chemin de Barquiou to catch up with the D 5 road.
5 – Come back to the winery on your left.
Visiting conditions: Between 1 June and 30 September: access to the forest is regulated by local authorities for your safety and for the preservation of the site.  Before heading out, call: 0811 20 13 13 (France only). Information about the opening hours of the site you wish to visit is available: open all day/open only in the morning/completely closed. The degree of forest fire warning (orange-red-black), determined by weather conditions, is published the day before at 6pm at the latest.
Practical information
  • Location :
    • In the countryside
  • Type of itinerary :
    • On foot
  • Duration of the walking route :
    • Bewteen 1 and 2 hours
  • Length :
    • Length 4km
  • Level :
    • All levels
Cave Vinicole de Saint-Julien


  • Vigne et randonneurs
  • Vigne - Saint Pierre - Boucle des cépages
  • Vigne - Saint Pierre - Boucle des cépages
  • Chemin de randonnée - Boucle des cépages
  • Champ de coquelicots - Saint Pierre - Sentier des vignerons
Vigne et randonneursVigne - Saint Pierre - Boucle des cépagesVigne - Saint Pierre - Boucle des cépagesChemin de randonnée - Boucle des cépagesChamp de coquelicots - Saint Pierre - Sentier des vignerons
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