Municipal Greenhouse & Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean gardens of the Parc de Figuerolles are located on the location of the former estate of the Sunhary Deverville family, acquired by ...
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    • Garden
    • Botanical garden
Pedestrian sports Hiking itinerary
Nature is often very beautiful here and the farm animals can be seen very closely. What magic to see the gaze of children resting, sometimes for the first time, on curious, ...
  • Route :
    • Distance (km) : 6
    • Daily duration (minutes) : 150
The visit takes place on the Figuerolles plateau from the main entrance of the Park to the ruin of the Restanques overlooking the pond of Berre.
The large park of Figuerolles is a territory of 130 hectares, where past agricultural activities have left many traces in terms of rural heritage and ...
  • Route :
    • Daily duration (minutes) : 120