Green breakwater Theatre (Ferrières downtown)

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Emblematic place in the heart of the historic center, the Green Theatre is dedicated to the promenade, it is the new place of reception of the demonstrations of the city of Martigues.

Green lung in the heart of the city center, it completes, next to the beach of Ferrières, the development of the trail of the pond of Berre.This wooded garden, with an area of about 10 000 square meters of which 1 300 square meters of landscaped bleachers can accommodate 300 people seated and its configuration allows a attendance of about a thousand people.

A vegetal palette composes the garden, offering a new quality place with a view of the entire pond.More than 70 trees of high stems (2 to 5 m high) surround the theatre of greenery: pine umbrella, ash, poplar but also Grevillea, eucalyptus, camphor. 27 different types of Mediterranean and exotic species compose a varied and harmonious ensemble.

This landscaping is a vegetable filter, at the back of the bleachers to house the Mistral and shade in summer.The seating of the bleachers planned for the reception of the public has the appearance of wood and will be made of composite material from recycled plastic materials.

The essences and type of grass installed at the level of the bleachers are chosen for their resistance to the climate. The drip irrigation system for trees and sprinkling on grassed areas is both efficient and economical.

From Tuesday 01 January 2019 to Wednesday 01 January 2020

General information
  • Accessible for everyone :
    • YES
  • Location :
    • In the town centre
Services, Tours, Activities and entertainment
  • Architectural style :
    • Modern
  • Type of parking :
    • Public parking
Green breakwater Theatre (Ferrières downtown)
Pointe brise-lames
Phone : +33 4 42 10 82 90
Théâtre de verdure de Brise-Lames (Ferrières centre-ville)
Pointe brise-lames
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.406894
Longitude : 5.058864