GR2013 : From Martigues to the Sainte Croix train station

- Departure/Arrival
- Point of interest
Circuit n° 1
Itinerary information
  • Length :
    • Between 4 and 7 km
  • Elevation :
    • Elevation 161m


The first noticeable sights from the banks of the Berre lagoon are the Berre and Mède refineries on either side, but between the two you catch a glimpse of two massifs in the distance: Massif de l’Etoile and Massif de la Sainte Victoire. Head out of the city along the ridge for a view over Martigues. Gradually the industrial landscape appears around you.

Martigues: Depart from - Place des Aires bus stop

(Cartreize line 34 from Marseille and line 25 from Salon-de-Provence and Aix-en-Provence).

Martigues: Arrive at station - Gare de Croix Sainte.
(TER train to Marseille)

Practical information
  • Location :
    • In town
  • Type of itinerary :
    • On foot
  • Duration of the walking route :
    • Bewteen 1 and 2 hours
  • Length :
    • Length 7km
  • Level :
    • Beginner
Place des Aires


  • Quartier de l'Ile - Médiathèque
  • Quartier de l'Ile - Médiathèque
  • Théâtre de Martigues
  • Quartier de l'Ile
  • Quartier de l'Ile
Quartier de l'Ile - MédiathèqueQuartier de l'Ile - MédiathèqueThéâtre de MartiguesQuartier de l'IleQuartier de l'Ile