From Martigues to Marseille by the Côte bleue

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Itinerary information
  • Length :
    • More than 25 km


This is a rare and precious section of the coastline.

Almost intact, it is still largely unblemished by concrete! No swanky beaches, no trendy spots, just small traditional fishing ports with secretive rocky coves and fascinating sea beds for the aptly named “blue coast”.

The marine park is a fabulous natural reserve measuring 28 kilometres long and 15,000 hectares to explore with flippers and snorkels. The charming coast is studded with villages, each with their own personality, starting with unique Martigues and the maze of canals and Miroir aux Oiseaux. Carro, Carry, Sausset...a chain of ports, beaches and coves winds all the way to Marseille. Dexterity is required at the wheel for some of the zigzags around the coves. The narrow road plunges around tight hairpin bends to Ensuès, Niolon and La Vesse!

Martigues: Leave from Martigues tourist office and head for the city centre along the  canal on your right, then turn right toward Marseille, La Couronne. Cross the canal then carry on in the same direction along the canal on the other side. At the roundabout under the road viaduct, turn left into the RD9 towards Sausset-les-Pins.

RD5: At the traffic lights, turn right into RD5 towards Sausset-les-Pins.
RD49: After 3km, carry on the RD49 in the same direction. At the junction with the RD9, go straight ahead on the RD49 towards La Couronne.
La Couronne - RD49: Just after crossing the bridge over La Couronne railway, you can make a detour via the port of Carro just 2km away on the RD49b, or to continue on your original itinerary, take the RD49 to the left at the roundabout towards Sausset. Continue on the D49 along the railway, then cross the Grand Vallat to arrive in the village of Sausset-les-Pins.
Sausset-les-Pins - RD5: Cross the village of Sausset along the seafront, then turn right at the roundabout on the RD5 towards the town centre and continue after the port towards Carry.

Carry-le-Rouet - RD5: Once through Carry-le-Rouet, continue on the RD5 towards Marseille and Ensuès-la-Redonne. At the junction with the RD9d, stay on the RD5 on your right towards Ensuès-la-Redonne.
Ensuès-La Redonne - RD5: In Ensuès-La Redonne, stop by the Port de La Redonne on the RD48d on your right in the village of Ensuès. Tip: park on the right before the viaduct and walk to the port which is definitely worth the visit! To return to your original itinerary, make a U-turn and take the RD5 towards Rove.

Niolon: You can take the next junction to get to Niolon with its port and walking trails around rocky inlets. Turn right into the RD48 toward Niolon. To return to your original itinerary, take the RD48 to get back to the RD5, direction Rove.

Le Rove - L'Estaque: Take the RD568 on your right to Marsille, L’Estaque. Once you have passed through the village, then the Rove tunnel, you can see the port of Marseille and you will arrive in the district of L’Estaque.
Take public transport to the tourist office in the centre of Marseille - see opening times and and information at
Practical information
  • Location :
    • By the seaside
  • Type of itinerary :
    • In a personal vehicle
  • Duration of the itinerary in a personal vehicle :
    • 1/2 day
  • Length :
    • Length 38km
  • Level :
    • All levels
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