Rescue 13

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Place : Plage du Verdon
  • Rescue 13 Martigues
  • Rescue 13 Martigues
  • Rescue 13 Martigues
  • Rescue 13 Martigues
  • Rescue 13 Martigues
Rescue 13 MartiguesRescue 13 MartiguesRescue 13 MartiguesRescue 13 MartiguesRescue 13 Martigues


International coastal rescue competition organized by the AMSA Martigues club. It was created in 2005 and is a must-see event for sports lifeguards.
Initiation to first aid on both days.
Saturday from 12:30 p.m.
- Euro Beach Flags Tour: This sand test tests the lifeguard's reflexes and alertness. The competitors are lying on their stomachs, heels together, their hands on top of each other and their torso resting on the sand, the sticks are located 20m behind them. At the whistle, rescuers must get up as quickly as possible and grab a stick. The Lifeguard without a stick is eliminated.
- Course Swimming Course.
- Board race: the Rescuers complete a course of around 600m on their knees or lying down on a 3m50 board, the minimum weight of which must be 7.5kg. This event requires great technique at the start and passage of the buoys, where the contacts are rough and unbalanced.

Sunday from 9 a.m.
- Oceanman long distance: considered by athletes as the queen of coastal rescue. This event highlights the rescuer's endurance qualities and his technical mastery. It consists of a series of swimming, board and surfski courses with transitions of races on the sand.

- Surf ski race: Surfski is the name given to the rescue competition kayak. The start is in the water. Lifeguards must complete a course of around 800m, before returning to the beach to cross the finish line marked by two flags in the water. This test requires both balance and endurance.
- Swimming.
- Handset.
Opening period (s)From Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 October 2021
Opening hours on Saturday at 12.30 pm. On Sunday at 9 am.
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Free of charge.


Chemin de la Douane
La Couronne
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.332155
Longitude : 5.049891
By departmental road
AMSA ( Asso. Méditerranéenne Sauvetage Aquatique )
Plage du Verdon
Chemin de la Douane
La Couronne