Cap Couronne and seabed

The Réserve de Carry-le-Rouet was created in 1983 on 85 hectares with the support of the city and users. The reserve protects rich and diverse natural habitats such as Posidonia seagrass meadows, calcified seaweed and rocky zones.

The creation of the Réserve du Cap Couronne in 1996 was initiated by the fishing community with the extension of the Parc Marin de la Côte Bleue to the city of Martigues. This 210-hectare reserve stretches through an important zone for reproduction and recruitment of typical Mediterranean species such as sars, pink sea bream, red mullet and crayfish. 

The two reserves are supervised all year round by accredited guards of the Parc Marin de la Côte Bleue. 
Following the evolution of the environment linked to the management and protection of the Carry-le-Rouet reserve, the representatives of professional ...
"La Côte bleue", near Marseille, is a splendid sea where the blue of the water collides with the green of the pines clinging to the rocks.
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Historic site and monument
The lighthouse stands at the south of La Couronne village, at the eastern entrance of Golfe de Fos.
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    • Engineering structure
    • Headlight
The Cote Bleue has a limestone and indented coastline that stretches over some thirty kilometres between Martigues and Marseille.
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