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  • Livre - Nouvelles et poésies sportives
  • Livre - Nouvelles et poésies sportives
Livre - Nouvelles et poésies sportivesLivre - Nouvelles et poésies sportives
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This book introduces us to 19 short stories and 49 poems on the theme of sport. Nearly 60 different sports covered, most of which are Olympic sports. This book retraces many significant and exceptional events that took place during the Olympic Games between 1896 and 2016. It also recounts the sporting lives of champions.

"Anecdotes in sport have always nourished my curiosity and my teaching at the Faculty of Sports Sciences (Marseille) and in clubs. The exceptional champions attracted me by their example, by their values ​​of self-sacrifice, of courage , of sacrifice to achieve their dream, their ideal. It is the fruit of my knowledge that I deliver to you here, alternating between news and poetry. More than 50 sports will be revealed to you from an original poetic, historical or anecdotal angle.
The exploits of celebrities (Johnny Weissmuller, Michael Phelps, Laurent Finion, Nadia Comaneci, Jonah Lomu, etc.) will be present as slices of the life of lesser-known athletes who have shone through their luck (Bradbury in speed skating), their courage (Eric the eel in swimming, Eddie the eagle in ski jumping), their altruism (Thierry Gueorgiou in orienteering) or their transcendence (the disabled in the Olympic or Paralympic Games)."

Pp editions.
Author: Daniel GLIZE.
261 pages.