Summer visits to Martigues

This year, find the great classics (boat trips on the canals, along the creeks of the Côte Bleue, on the Berre pond, visits to the sets of the Camping Paradis series, visits to Fort-de-Bouc. ..)
and also new products!
This summer, we invite you to sail on the canals of Martigues at sunset, to attend the fireworks of July 14 from a boat, to discover the Grand Parc de Figuerolles or the seaside path via a game. of track in autonomy or to hike in the city center to discover the historical fountains.

We also highlight the nautical activities of our destination by allowing you to book them directly on our website! Towed buoy, jet-ski, canoe-kayak at sea ... you have the choice!

Good news !
All our tours and activities are eligible for the MyProvence Ticket
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◘ Boat trips

 On the canals of Martigues
From the Baussengue canal to the Galiffet canal, via the Miroir aux oiseaux
(classified site), the captain will tell you about the history of the three
neighborhoods in the heart of the city.
Several dates until September 25 - see

NEW! On the canals of Martigues at sunset
For us, summer means beach, cicada, relaxation and long sunny days.
And what could be better than ending the day watching the sun go down
Provencal Venice?
Tuesday 06 July then every Monday in July / August - see

Along the creeks of the Côte Bleue
Turquoise water, coves, fine sandy beaches, creeks, Provencal villages ...
Here is a list of the various landscapes that you will have the opportunity to
see during of this exceptional guided walk of the Blue Coast.
Wednesdays in July / August and Saturdays in September - see

Along the hills of the Etang de Berre
On board the boat La Cisampo, discover the largest salt pond
Europe and its picturesque and varied landscapes!
Fridays from July 16 to August 20 - see

NEW! July 14 fireworks display from a boat
This year, we are giving you the opportunity to enjoy a festive evening.
In the middle of the Etang de Berre, have a front row seat to enjoy the
fireworks of the national holiday. Take full eyes!
July 14 at 10 p.m. - see
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◘ Guided tours

On the filming locations of the Camping Paradis series
Welcome to Camping Paradis! See yourself in the series and discover
the mini-market, the reception, the bar ... as if you were there!
Tuesdays and Fridays from July 09 - see

Discovering the seabed of the Côte Bleue
Surface swimming with mask and snorkel to explore the seabed
of the Blue Coast
Thursdays in July / August - see

NEW! Fresh water in the city center of Martigues
8 km commented hike in the city center, on the theme of water,
fountains, washhouses, aqueducts and wells.
Wednesdays 07 and 21 July, 04 and 18 August - see

Visit of Fort-de-Bouc and access by boat
Since the Middle Ages, it has kept this passage between
the Gulf of Fos and the Etang de Berre, halfway between Marseille and the Rhône.
Saturdays until September 25 - see

Fridays by the water
Discover the riches of the Côte Bleue during a walk
on the coastal path. By the Mediterranean sea, follow your guide
and learn the history of one of the last remaining Semaphores.
Fridays until September 24 - see

◘ Fun walks

Treasure hunter treasure hunt in the city center
A "Treasure Hunters" box containing several puzzles to solve
strolling through the three districts of Martigues.
Pick up your box at the Tourist Office - see

NEW! Randoland playful hike in the Grand Parc de Figuerolles
On 130 ha of greenery, along the banks of the Etang de Berre,
the Grand Parc de Figuerolles is a real green lung
Download the booklet and go on an adventure - see

NEW! Randoland playful hike by the sea
Walk along the seaside, discovering the coves and inlets
to the Crown Lighthouse
Download the booklet and go on an adventure - see
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◘ Water sports

NEW! Canoe-kayak rental at sea (1 place)
With family or friends, go kayaking to discover the beauty
of the coast of the Côte Bleue in complete autonomy
Kayak rental - 1h - see

NEW! Canoe-kayak rental at sea (2 places)
With family or friends, go kayaking to discover the beauty
of the coast of the Côte Bleue in complete autonomy
Kayak rental - 1h - see

NEW! Jet-ski rental without a license at sea
A desire for high speed, an adrenaline boost? Become a pilot
of your own Jet Ski the time of a trip in complete autonomy
Jet-ski rental - 30 min - see

NEW! Towed buoy tower
A desire for fun and unusual activity? Go to Boumandariel Cove
aboard this floating game for a mind-blowing session!
Buoy ride - 10 minutes - see
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